Robotic Vacuum Parts

    Robotic vacuum cleaners are manufactured by IRobot Corporation under the brand name Roomba. These vacuum cleaners are self-propelled and self-navigated and are available in several models. The replacement parts and the vacuum cleaner can be purchased online from

    How to repair an iRobot Vacuum

    •If your robotic vacuum is not functioning, check the plug point first. Also check to see if sensors are blocked.

    •Ensure that the wheels of the robotic vacuum spin freely. If there are any string or hair on the wheels remove them.

    •If you iRobot is beeping, check the owner’s guide which explains what each number of beep means. It will provide you with tips for rectifying the error.

    •Suddenly if the iRobot starts behaving erratically, remove the debris from under the front portion of the vacuum. It will start functioning properly.

    •It is wise to remove the furniture before running your iRobot, if there is a probability of it getting stuck between them and the wall.

    The genuine and original parts of this vacuum cleaner are available in is a portal from where you can purchase your vacuum cleaners and its replacements. Here we sell only the best of the vacuum at a bargain deal.

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    1. Scooba Filter item #5943

      Scooba Filter item #5943

      iRobot Scooba filter, for use with iRobot Scooba, prevents hair and other large debris from interfering with Scooba's fan. Clean Scooba's filter regularly for optimal cleaning performance. STANDARD FEATURE Learn More

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