Roller Brushes

    The roller brush of your vacuum cleaner sweeps dirt and debris off your floors. The bristles of the brush can be worn down over the period of time. This will prevent the brush from collecting all the dust and grime from the carpets and bare floors. The roller brush can be replaced if they are damaged or the bristles are worn out.

    How to increase the life span of a roller brush

    •The longetivity of the vacuum brush depends on how well you take care of it. The vacuum must be dusted and cleaned once in a while.

    •Unfasten the faceplate over the brush bar and remove the plastic faceplate. Using a pair of scissors cut the threads and hair that are entangled around the brush bar.

    •Using a rag wipe the dust and debris from the brush bar.

    •Replace the faceplate and tighten the fasteners before using the vacuum.

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    1. Koblenz Brush Roller with Bearing

      Koblenz Brush Roller with Bearing


      "Did you know that the brush roller in your vacuum is a vital part? It rotates and vibrates against the surface you are cleaning – be it the floor or carpets. To keep it working well, you need to clean it on a regular basis, and when it is time, replace it as well. Buy this Koblenz Brush Roller with bearing and replace the essential part that periodically needs a check and replacement. Remember that the roller on your Koblenz system needs to turn freely. Cut any obstruction that you find, but if you find that the damage is beyond repair, we recommend you change the brush roller immediately.

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