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    Vacuum Cleaner Parts and Accessories: Find the Best For Your Cleaning System.

    Cleaning homes is a task that most people dread. Busy schedules leave most of us with little or no time to clean homes on a daily basis. Vacuuming is a must at least once a week. Technology has revolutionized the types of vacuum cleaning systems being made available today, and they are now able to vacuum all the floors in your home and their parts and accessories also make it possible to dust and tidy furniture and other sections of your home. Again, the type of vacuum cleaning system and accessories you choose will depend on the pets and allergy prone members of your family. You might require parts such as HEPA filters to ensure that up to 99.97% of the allergens are kept at bay. Pollen and grass cutting seasons will require frequent vacuuming and probably require you to replace the parts of your vacuum cleaner including belts, bags, fans, switches, hoses and much more. 

    GoVacuum carries the largest selection of vacuum cleaning systems and accessories from all the major brands. You can shop and buy accessories to enhance the cleaning ability of your vacuum. Be it vacuum bags, vacuum filters, vacuum hoses, vacuum cleaner parts and other accessories, we stock a huge selection and even let you find the perfect accessory for you based on brand, price, etc. You can match the parts you need using our detailed parts diagrams. Save money and time by choosing to shop online for your vacuum cleaner parts and accessories. We offer free shipping and guaranteed low prices on all these parts and accessories so you can enjoy the best prices on vacuum accessories online. 

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    1. Fresh Wave Crystel Gels

      Fresh Wave Crystel Gels

      Does your kitchen smell like last night’s dinner? Does your living area require a burst of fragrance to rid the scent of your pet or spills? Your home does not have to smell stale or boring all the time. You can use Fresh Wave Crystal Gel to eliminate unpleasant odors effectively. All you need to do it open a jar and you’re set to to deodorize any room or area of your home. This crystal gel works around the clock and eliminates odors including must, smoke and fish.

      Want to lounge in a truly fresh-smelling home? Home odors generally have a cause, it is recommended that you destroy the cause before selecting a scent that complements your home. Choosing a scent goes beyond choosing scents that are your personal favorites. You need to choose scents that promote freshness and also a sense of relaxation. Buy home frageances such as Fresh Wave Crystal Gels and more at We are a trusted 24x7 online shopping store offering a wide range of home fragrance products that are sure to leave you feeling blessed and positive. Explore the site for a wide range of fragrance products, vacuum cleaning systems and spare parts.

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    2. Fresh Wave - 30 Pearl Pack Value Package

      Fresh Wave - 30 Pearl Pack Value Package

      clothes refreshener for use in hanging closet and drawers Dormitory and other lockers Learn More
    3. Haan Short Handle Attachment For FS-20 Models

      Haan Short Handle Attachment For FS-20 Models

      The Short Handle Attachment is attached to the steam cleaner for cleaning upholstered furniture, stairs, or mattress cleaning. This smaller handle makes the machine a lot easier to handle when cleaning these surfaces. Learn More
    4. Haan Steam Mop/Sweeper Brush-roll Swivel Head
    5. Haan MF2P 2-Ultra Microfiber Cleaning Pads, Pink

      Haan MF2P 2-Ultra Microfiber Cleaning Pads, Pink

      Leaves floor instantly dry. Fits all haan steam mops. 2 Pink ultra microfiber cleaning pads. Super absorbent. Machine washable Learn More
    6. Koblenz 6" Lambswool Buffing Pads

      Koblenz 6" Lambswool Buffing Pads

      These pads bring out a fine luster without leaving swirl marks. Lambswool on a foam backing. 2 in a pack Learn More
    7. Koblenz Felt Buffing Pads

      Koblenz Felt Buffing Pads

      These pads are the highest quality of natural felt. They bring out the shine in any kind of floor. 2 in a pack Learn More
    8. Koblenz Polishing Brushes 8 Notch 2 Pack

      Koblenz Polishing Brushes 8 Notch 2 Pack

      These polishing brushes have a flow-thru brush design that polishes all types of floors. They have Tampico bristles that provide long durability. 2 in a pack Learn More
    9. Koblenz Scrub Brushes 4 Notch 2 Pack

      Koblenz Scrub Brushes 4 Notch 2 Pack

      Little spills, dumps, and heel marks tend to accumulate at startling speed and quickly show up on your floor. It appears like the floors in your home take the brunt of your activities. However, a round of vacuuming, especially with your Koblenz cleaner equipped with scrub brushes can ensure that the scuffs from your shoes and other types of dust and grime is easily dealt with. Here is a pack of two, 4-notch scrub brushes that have a flow-thru brush design that thoroughly cleans all types of floors. You are assured long durability with its Tampico and Cocoa bristles. These 4 Notch pads will fit P-2000 series Koblenz floor scrubbers.

      When it comes to cleaning your floor, you want to ensure that you remove all the germs from it apart from cleaning it for dust and visible particles. There are tons of products in the market for cleaning floors. GoVacuum provides a wide range of vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner parts, air purifiers, filters, and cleaning supplies. Live smarter with the latest in cleaning technology, make your life easier with efficient cleaning systems and accessories. At GoVacuum, we committed to enable smarter living among our consumers and we do this by providing information on all the available products and guaranteed lowest prices on all our vacuum cleaners and replacement parts.

      Product Features: • 4-notch scrub brushes for P-2000 series Koblenz floor scrubbers • Pack of two scrub brushes

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    10. Koblenz Green Scrubbing Pads

      Koblenz Green Scrubbing Pads

      Koblenz has been in existence for more than half a century. The firm places heavy emphasis on quality and innovation. Our loyal customers already know that Koblenz products are durable and offer high performance. We believe that the customer is king and have zero tolerance for design and manufacturing flaws. Koblenz manufactures quality all purpose vacuum cleaners, commercial vacuum cleaners, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, hand vacs, portable washer, shampoo polishers, canister and upright vacuum cleaners and many more products. A dedicated team of technical professionals constantly improve and add useful features in Koblenz’s existing product portfolio. Koblenz green scrubbing pad are used to deep clean smooth floor surfaces. These are attached to the scrubbing brushes and not to shampoo or polishing brushes.

      The green scrubbing pads make sure that the floor surface looks clean and free of dirt and germs. This product is available at, a treasure trove of quality and high performance of vacuum cleaners and accessories. strives to give quality shopping experience coupled with value for money. It has been an endeavor to walk the extra mile and stock the state-of-the-art contemporary cleaning products.

      Product Features •Koblenz Green Scrubbing Pads •Fits with all Koblenz buffer and home buffers from brands such as kenmore, Black and Decker. •They come as a pair of 6 inch diameter with 2 pad clips and 17inch for the floor buffers.

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