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    Vacuum Cleaner Parts and Accessories: Find the Best For Your Cleaning System.

    Cleaning homes is a task that most people dread. Busy schedules leave most of us with little or no time to clean homes on a daily basis. Vacuuming is a must at least once a week. Technology has revolutionized the types of vacuum cleaning systems being made available today, and they are now able to vacuum all the floors in your home and their parts and accessories also make it possible to dust and tidy furniture and other sections of your home. Again, the type of vacuum cleaning system and accessories you choose will depend on the pets and allergy prone members of your family. You might require parts such as HEPA filters to ensure that up to 99.97% of the allergens are kept at bay. Pollen and grass cutting seasons will require frequent vacuuming and probably require you to replace the parts of your vacuum cleaner including belts, bags, fans, switches, hoses and much more. 

    GoVacuum carries the largest selection of vacuum cleaning systems and accessories from all the major brands. You can shop and buy accessories to enhance the cleaning ability of your vacuum. Be it vacuum bags, vacuum filters, vacuum hoses, vacuum cleaner parts and other accessories, we stock a huge selection and even let you find the perfect accessory for you based on brand, price, etc. You can match the parts you need using our detailed parts diagrams. Save money and time by choosing to shop online for your vacuum cleaner parts and accessories. We offer free shipping and guaranteed low prices on all these parts and accessories so you can enjoy the best prices on vacuum accessories online. 

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    1. Hoky Replacement 2400 Rotor Blade for PR2400
    2. Hoky Replacement Rotor Blade for PR3000

      Hoky Replacement Rotor Blade for PR3000

      Fits Hoky PR 3000 Non Electric Sweeper Learn More
    3. Hoky Replacement Rotor Brush for 23T/23Ts Sweeper

      Hoky Replacement Rotor Brush for 23T/23Ts Sweeper

      Fits Hoky 23T and Hoky 23Ts Non Electric Sweepers Learn More
    4. Hoky Replacement Rotor Brush Type 30

      Hoky Replacement Rotor Brush Type 30

      Fits Hoky Type 30 Non Electric Sweepers Learn More
    5. Hoky Sweeper Model NT, 3000 Rubber Paddle Brushroll
    6. Hoky Model 2400 Rubber Paddle Brushroll Carpet / Floor Sweeper, Rubber Paddles
    7. Lindhaus PB14E Electric Power Head 14\"

      Lindhaus PB14E Electric Power Head 14\"

      The Eco Spreader is the perfect solution for cleaning carpets and rugs with minimal effort. No need to purchase or rent a separate carpet cleaning machine. The patented Eco Spreader is an excellent optional accessory that is attached to the base of the Li Learn More
    8. Lindhaus PB12 e ECO Spreader 12"

      Lindhaus PB12 e ECO Spreader 12"

      Lindhaus ECO spreader pb12 e powerhead replacement for Lindhaus vacs. The Lindhaus PB 12 power head works well on any carpet. Learn More
    9. Lindhaus Eight Piece Tool Kit

      Lindhaus Eight Piece Tool Kit

      2-Piece-wand, Hose extension, Curved handle with suction control, Brush end for crevice tool, Upholstery tool with Felt and Brush Attachments. Learn More
    10. Lindhaus Felt Floor Tool

      Lindhaus Felt Floor Tool

      Do you think that keeping floors clean, shined and polished requires chemical products all the time? Think again, if you have a Lindhaus cleaning system, this felt floor tool will help you keep floors pristine clean. Providing the requisite suction and assuring efficient and thorough cleaning, this felt floor tool is a versatile addition to your Lindhaus cleaning kit.

      Save time and money while shopping for vacuum cleaners or replacement parts online at There are no waiting lines, and you can browse the entire website from the comfort of your home. What’s more? You can add as many accessories and cleaning products that you want without the fear of lugging a bulky shopping bag. And we deliver everything your order online to your doorstep absolutely free of cost. The final bonus is that online shopping at GoVacuum is much more cheaper than shopping at the store because of the discounted deals on vacuum cleaning systems.

      Product Features: • One felt floor tool for Lindhaus Learn More

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