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    Vacuum Cleaner Parts and Accessories: Find the Best For Your Cleaning System.

    Cleaning homes is a task that most people dread. Busy schedules leave most of us with little or no time to clean homes on a daily basis. Vacuuming is a must at least once a week. Technology has revolutionized the types of vacuum cleaning systems being made available today, and they are now able to vacuum all the floors in your home and their parts and accessories also make it possible to dust and tidy furniture and other sections of your home. Again, the type of vacuum cleaning system and accessories you choose will depend on the pets and allergy prone members of your family. You might require parts such as HEPA filters to ensure that up to 99.97% of the allergens are kept at bay. Pollen and grass cutting seasons will require frequent vacuuming and probably require you to replace the parts of your vacuum cleaner including belts, bags, fans, switches, hoses and much more. 

    GoVacuum carries the largest selection of vacuum cleaning systems and accessories from all the major brands. You can shop and buy accessories to enhance the cleaning ability of your vacuum. Be it vacuum bags, vacuum filters, vacuum hoses, vacuum cleaner parts and other accessories, we stock a huge selection and even let you find the perfect accessory for you based on brand, price, etc. You can match the parts you need using our detailed parts diagrams. Save money and time by choosing to shop online for your vacuum cleaner parts and accessories. We offer free shipping and guaranteed low prices on all these parts and accessories so you can enjoy the best prices on vacuum accessories online. 

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    1. Scooba Battery item #5930

      Scooba Battery item #5930

      Get more continuous cleaning time from your Scooba with a second rechargeable battery. To add convenience and extend Scooba's cleaning time, charge one battery in the Charging Base while Scooba is cleaning.This item is currently out of stock and probably Learn More
    2. Scooba Charging Base item #5931

      Scooba Charging Base item #5931

      Scooba Charging Base charges Scooba's battery in less than 3 hours. STANDARD FEATURES   Enables you to charge Scooba's battery on the counter while Scooba is Learn More
    3. Scooba Cleaning Brush item #5941

      Scooba Cleaning Brush item #5941

      Replaces Scooba's cleaning brush. STANDARD FEATURES   Effective on all sealed hard floors Gen Learn More
    4. Scooba Cleaning Head item #5940

      Scooba Cleaning Head item #5940

      Replaces Scooba's brush and cover assembly. Cleaning head is safe and effective on all sealed hard floors, and easy to clean. Learn More
    5. Scooba Measuring Cup #14971

      Scooba Measuring Cup #14971

      Plastic measuring cup is marked with a Fill Line to indicate the appropriate amount of Clorox Learn More
    6. Scooba Power Supply item #5932

      Scooba Power Supply item #5932

      Scooba Power Supply, for use with iRobot Scooba, charges Scooba's battery in just three hours when used with either Scooba Floor Washing Robot or Scooba Charging Base (items sold separately). Learn More
    7. Scooba Vacuum Port item #5947

      Scooba Vacuum Port item #5947

      It’s time to put your mop and broom away if you have invested in the iRobot Scooba. If you have been using it for a while now, you know how handy its prep, wash, scrub and squeegee features are. Cleaning’s a chore no more, but what do you do if you find that the vacuum port in your Scooba cleaning system is damaged? Here’s a replacement part for your lost or damaged Scooba vacuum port. The floor washing robot is well known to bring a simplified design and longer battery life to high-performance cleaning. Buy this replacement part on time so you can continue to enjoy the convenience of cleaning your home.

      Vacuum cleaning systems are designed to last for years. That’s why it is recommended that you research enough before choosing a good one. The vacuum cleaning systems have also come a long way from being used to clean floor surfaces to carpets. They are capable of cleaning all parts of your home today. But what is the right vacuum cleaner for you? Visit and use our review videos and blog to determine the things you must keep in mind while shopping for vacuum cleaners or spare parts online. We will help you decide which one to buy among leading brands and also help you buy it at our comprehensive online store.

      Product Features: • Scooba Vacuum Port item #5947 • Replaces lost or damaged Scooba Vacuum Port • Ideal to use with iRobot Scooba

      Learn More

    8. Scooba Virtual Wall item #5946

      Scooba Virtual Wall item #5946

      iRobot Scooba Virtual Wall creates a beam of infrared light that Scooba will not cross. The Virtual Wall is perfect for blocking doorways, cords, and other areas that you want Scooba to avoid. Also compatible with iRobot Roomba Vaccuuming Robots. Requires Learn More
    9. Scooba


      Replacement Tank for iRobot Scooba 5900 Learn More
    10. Scooba(r) Suction Bulb, Grey Item #17743

      Scooba(r) Suction Bulb, Grey Item #17743

      If Scooba's pump valve is blocked with dirt or debris, use the suction bulb to force air or water through Scooba's solution valve. Fit the end of the suction bulb snugly over the solution valve and push the air (or water) from the suction bulb through sol Learn More

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