Turbo Brushes

    A damp cloth and carpet shampoo may not always suffice to remove stubborn stains from your carpet or upholstery. Most of the top branded vacuum cleaners including Bissell have an accessory to clean the stains on the carpet/upholstery. It’s called turbo brush.

    Tips to use Bissell Turbo Brush to clean carpets and upholstery

    •Fill the tank with a good shampoo and hot water up to the "Water" line. Replace the fill cap, turn the fill tank so that cap is facing the bottom and gently slide it into the place on the Bissell Little Green vacuum.

    •Attach the turbo brush to the hose and plug the vacuum to a switch point. Switch On the red heater button and wait for 20-30 seconds for the heater light to illuminate. It indicates that the heater is on.

    •Release the spray trigger to spray out the non-heated water before positioning the turbo brush above the soiled area. Press the spray trigger again over the soiled surface so that now it sprays the soap solution.

    •Activate the turbo brush and gently scrub the soiled area. Set the turbo brush to "Suction" mode to remove the stains. Once you have removed the stains, switch of the vacuum cleaner before removing the turbo brush.

    It is a simple procedure and almost all brands of vacuum cleaners follow the similar technique for using the hand held turbo brush. You can choose from a wide range of vacuum cleaners that are available at GoVacuum.com. This is a wonderful online shopping mall which deals only with top class vacuum cleaners both commercial and domestic and their accessories. Here you have the option of comparing the prices and features of a plethora of vacuum cleaners and choose the one that suits your cleaning needs.


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