Upholstery Tools

    Vacuum cleaners are part and parcel of our cleaning solutions. We cannot dream of having a clean home without them. Whether it is an upright or canister, bag-less or bagged vacuum cleaner all these cleaning equipment come with a set of accessories and attachments. Upholstery cleaning tools such as turbo brushes, dust brushes, floor scrubbers and many more are the part of any vacuum cleaner.

    How to attach an upholstery cleaning tool in wet-dry vacuum cleaner

    • Locate the vacuum and solution hose couplings on your vacuum cleaner. The solution hose is the small hose that carries the clean water and detergent to the cleaning wand. While the vacuum hose, the large of the two, carries waste water back to extractor unit.

    • Connect the carpet cleaning vacuum hose to the main vacuum motor and the solution hose into the valve connector on the main unit. Ensure that hoses are locked together properly.

    • Now connect these hoses to the upholstery wand. Many contemporary models are connected to the furniture tool permanently.

    You can buy accessories separately as attachments for your vacuum cleaner. But ensure that the make of the vacuum cleaner and the accessories are the same. GoVacuum.com is a portal which deals with top quality and branded vacuum cleaners and accessories. Here you can search for any type of accessories, vacuum cleaners- both commercial and domestic. Vacuum cleaners and accessories are reasonably priced at GoVacuum.com

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    1. Kenmore Uphol Tool Part # AMC414-7115

      Kenmore Uphol Tool Part # AMC414-7115

      Kenmore Uphol Tool Part # AMC414-7115 Learn More
    2. Kenmore 52651 Canister Vacuum Upholstery Tool

      Kenmore 52651 Canister Vacuum Upholstery Tool

      Fits most Sears Kenmore canisters, as well as Panasonic canister vacuums that have a metal button lock on the end of the hose as well as the end of the wand. This attachment has a row of brushes on the bottom, that help agitate the dust particles. The u Learn More

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