Vacuum Cleaner Wands

    The accessories attached to the end of the hose such as wand are used to clean the areas where the vacuum cannot go. There are times when the telescopic wand can become stuck to the hose. We can use the tools that are available at home to remove the wand without damaging the hose.

    How to remove the wand from the hose

    •Try twisting the end of the wand clockwise and then anti-clockwise while keeping the release button pressed down. Release the button only when you pull the wand off the hose. Use a cotton towel or a rag to get the grip.

    •Another method is by lubricating the joint where the hose and the wand meets. Spray the lubricating spray liberally and then try twisting the wand in both clockwise and ant-clockwise direction until it loosens itself from the hose.

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