When you buy a vacuum cleaner you get wands that can be attached to the hose. These wands and the accessories attached to them enable you to poke into areas where the vacuum cannot go. There are times when the suction of the vacuum can cause the wand to become stuck on the hose. Here we look at the ways to remove a wand that is stuck on the vacuum cleaner hose.

    The wand is stuck on my vacuum cleaner- How to take it out.

    •Hold the end of the telescoping wand where it is attached to the hose. Press the release button with one hand.

    •Now twist the end of the wand clockwise and then counter-clockwise. All this time the release button should be depressed.

    •Pull the wand off the hose while twisting it. Release the button only when the wand is free of the hose.

    •Another way is to lubricate the wand. Hold the hose in such a way that the wand is facing down.

    •Spray a good burst of lubricating spray around the seam where the hose meets the wand.

    •Hold the hose in the same position for a couple of minutes before twisting the end of the wand clockwise with one hand while turning the end of the hose anti-clockwise with the other hand. Continue twisting until the wand comes free of the hose.

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