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    ProTeam ProCare 15XP Upright Vacuums
    ProTeam ProCare 15XP Upright Vacuums
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    • The ProCare has a LONGER HOSE with 2 1/2 feet more reach due to hose length and straight wand. The resilient new wand, made of durable ABS plastic with less restriction points, will cut down on time-consuming clogs.
    • The operating switch has been moved to the top of the handle for easier user access.
    • The new over-molded handle has a comfortable ergonomic style with softer grip. The handle weight is now 20% lighter due to tool changes and a new polycarbonate handle.
    • A strain relief has been included and is EASILY SERVICEABLE with nothing more than a flathead screwdriver - one third the tools are needed with half of the effort!
    • The tool dock has been moved to the back of the vacuum, where it is more centrally located for EASE OF USE and takes extra weight off the hanlde.
    • A convenient BAG COVER RELEASE button has been added to ensure SECURE latching.
    • When replacing the bag lock out switch, removing the whole bag housing is no longer required as only one screw is involved making it EASY to repair.
    • The integrated HEPA after filter now comes as a standard feature.
    • The bag housing hose connection has a "simplified friction fit conneciton", making it more serviceable, as it requires less parts.
    • Several improvements to the cord include: an additional 3 feet of working length, flexible in nature making it EASIER TO WORK WITH. A quick release CORD DROP has also been added to simplify unwinding the cord for operator convenience.
    ProCare 15XP Features:
    • Power: 1600 W / 120 V
    • Weight: 18 lbs.
    • Airflow: 96 CFM
    • Sound: 77 dv (decibels)
    • Static lift: 72"
    • Intercept Micro Filter
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