Lindhaus Healthcare Pro HEPA 12" Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    Lindhaus Healthcare Pro HEPA 12" Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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    Brand: Lindhaus

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    Video Review And Demonstration Of The Lindhaus HealthCare Pro HEPA


    We filmed a video review, testimonial and demonstraion of the Lindhaus HealthCare Pro HEPA PH12 & PH14.

    The Lindhaus HealthCare Pro HEPA Features

    The Lindhaus HealthCare Pro Hepa model is compact, commercial quality and reliable for professional use. Its versatility and lightweight make it an excellent machine also for domestic use.

    The HealthCare Pro Hepa model is excellent for both hard floors and carpets with its powerful 2 motor cleaning ability. It offers the consumer convenient on-board tools (standard), up to six stages of filtration, and the option of a 12" or 14" power head base, making it a truly versatile upright vacuum.

    The on-board tools make the transition from carpets to cleaning upholstery, above floor and hard to reach areas quick and easy. Lowest noise levels have been obtained with precision engineering of all the components and with dynamic balancing of all the parts. As an option, it can be equipped with a Hepa Filter for healthcare environments or with a carbon active cartridge to remove offensive odors. 

    The five-stage filtration system includes, at the final stage, an electrostatic microfilter "3M Filtrete" commonly used in hospitals for biological check. You are guaranteed that all the exhaust air (carbon dust) coming out from the motor brushes is purified, obtaining a superior exhaust air quality.

    The electric circuit on the power head has two functions: 

    • Proper height adjustment
    • Prevents damage to power head or belt with its auto shut-off

    All Lindhaus vacuum systems have user selectable filtration, up to HEPA. Our unique system allows you to choose not only the level, but the type of contaminants you would like to remove from your home everytime you clean. The standard filtration packaged at the factory with each vacuum is a 3M® filtrete electrostatic microfilter. This is the same type filter used in hospitals to keep biological contaminates in check. The filtration efficiency tests done on Lindhaus vacuums by the independent laboratory IBR (USA) show the result of a Lindhaus sealed filtration system.

    All models of Lindhaus vacuums can also be fitted with an optional S-class HEPA filter, available from your dealer, for filtration of particles 0.3 microns or larger at an efficiency of 99.97% This allows you to acheive a higher level of filtration during the allergy seasons or when contaminants may be at a higher level in your home, such as after dusting. Also available is the Micron Carbon filter, a combination of activated carbon between two layers of 3M® Filtrete. The Micron Carbon Filter allows you to control odors and gasses that are offensive or harmful through the air cleansing power of activated charcoal.

    Total watt power 850
    Amp usage 7.9
    Vacuum motor watt power 700
    Vacuum motor amp 6.5
    Water lift (inch) 79
    CFM 92
    Full-bag indicator standard
    Bag capacity 4 Qt.
    3M Filtrete Microfilter standard
    S-Class Hepa filter option
    Carbon active filter option
    Blower option
    Cord Length (feet) 35
    Hard floor switch standard
    On-board tools standard
    Sound level db(A) 68.4
    Brush motor watt power 150
    Brush motor amp. 1.4
    Electronic overload control standard
    Cogged drive belt standard
    Aluminum brush supports with ball bearings standard
    Brush height adjustment standard
    Brush width 10 ½"
    Base width 12"
    Weight (lbs) w/o cord 14 ¾


    Lindhaus Healthcare Pro

    Lindhaus healthcare pro upright vacuum is a product from Lindhaus. Lindhaus healthcare is distributed with either a 12inch or a 14inch wide nozzle and its weight has been recorded to be 15 pounds heavy. Users using this vacuum cleaner will be happy to not that the Lindhaus HCPH uses disposable paper bags. Lindhaus Healthcare Pro Hepa 12 Cleaners is sold together with a whole year of parts and labor warranty from date of purchase. The cleaner fetches in excess of $800 USD. Users will be glad to know that Lindhaus HCPH motor has a 2 year warranty and the brush motor belt has a whole three year warranty.

    Healthcare Pro Hepa 12

    Below are the features synonymous with lindhaus healthcare pro hepa features;

    Selectable Filtration: just like the sister vacuum cleaners offered by the Lindhaus Company, Lindhaus hcph has selectable filtration making it easy for users to switch from one function to the other in-order to carry out the job at hand. Should the user come across pungent odors, the charcoal filter was in-built into the vacuum cleaner to suck in and totally eliminate these odors. Lindhaus healthcare pro hepa filter shall be used in the removal of allergens that are as little as 0.3 from the room or home the cleaner is being used.

    Back Pack Kit: Lindhaus health care vacuum cleaner has been designed in strong form making it suitable for both home and commercial use. The Back Pack Kit (Optional) makes it easy for the user to wear it on their back as a back pack style vacuum.

    Electric Protection: Lindhaus Healthcare power head has been fit with an electric circuit making it impossible for it to be damaged. If there is an event where a belt breakage or blockage to the power head, the circuit’s purpose is to shut the power head off. The circuit has been fixed to guarantee that the power head has been set on the right height appropriate for the surface that needs to be vacuumed.

    Lindhaus HCPH

    The Healthcare Pro vacuum cleaner comes with the usual collection of accessories which will are aimed at easing your cleaning needs. The company has gone the extra mile of patenting hard floor tools that have been incorporated in the vacuum cleaner and they successfully clean the hard floors. Users will now enjoy cleaning tricky floors such as wood, tile and marble will just need a onetime vacuum pass without having to pass over them again and taking the risk of ending up with a damaged floor. The vacuum cleaner has been designer in a way that is quite easy to move from above ground cleaning to carpet vacuuming quite easily thanks to the attachments. The vacuum designed is so simple that the attachments are on board making them quite easy for users to access them whenever they need to make use of them. The Lindhaus Healthcare Pro HEPA 12 vacuum cleaner comes inclusive of extension wands, upholstery brush, dusting brush and crevice tool. The manufacturer has also availed a variety of filters. Users can now add S-Class HEPA filters which they can use in the control of allergens.

    Lindhaus HCPH Vacuum cleaner has been designed for multipurpose work, the cleaner possess the ability to blow and suck and with an optional hose, users can now do the two functions simultaneously.

    Healthcare Pro Hepa 12 Specifications

    • 850 Total Watt Power
    • 7.9 Amp Usage
    • 70 inch Water lift
    • 92 CFM
    • Standard Full bag Indicator
    • Electronic Motor protection
    • 4 Qt Bag Capacity
    • Standard 3M Filtrete Microfilter
    • Standard Electronic Overload control
    • Standard height adjustment
    • 1.4 Brush motor amp

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