Electrolux Vacuum Hose - Swivel Pistol Grip Handle

    Electrolux Vacuum Hose - Swivel Pistol Grip Handle
    Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Hose - Swivel Pistol Grip Handle


    Brand: Electrolux

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    Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Hose

    This is a Generic Swivel pistol grip Electrolux electric vacuum cleaner hose designed for a wide range of Electrolux Metal Canister Vacuums.

    This Hose Specifically Fits

    Golden Jubilee
    Grand Marquis
    Super J

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    Probably not genuine Aerus Electrolux - still worth the cost! Review by Chris
    If it's a genuine hose, Aerus Electrolux's QC has dropped a bit. (I'm really doubtful, seeing that the manuals for brand new Aeruses show that it has a vent knob rather than a slider) That said, at $47 and change, it's a lot better than vacuuming with a leaky cloth hose; and about a quarter of the cost of getting a replacement from your local Aerus shop. I bought this to replace the hose that came with the Electrolux Diamond Jubilee I got from my grandmother - which still had the original hose and was leaking. Bad. You could practically pick up dirt with the outside of the hose! Sure, the woven vinyl hoses are pretty, but they leak after 20+ years, they're stiff, and they're short. This is an improvement in almost every way. Here's a quick breakdown of pros and cons: PROS: * Longer than the woven hose it replaced by a whole seven inches! That's a lot of extra space when maneuvering your way around the couch! * A LOT more flexible than the cloth hose it replaced. * A lot lighter, too! * The suction vent is a slider (as found on classic Canadian Electrolux models) as opposed to the little knob that is found on US models. * Works fine with my PN5 Power Nozzle. * There's a power switch to turn off power to accessories - the original hose lacked that. * Every accessory I have worked fine. (I'm trying to get my hands on a Sidekick to see if it works too, but I have no reason to think it won't.) * Seems to hold up to me dragging the canister around behind me with the hose without issue. CONS: * The attachment end of the hose lacks the same taper of the original. This makes inserting it into the Power Nozzle a little more difficult. Until I got the hang of it, I had to hold down the release button when inserting it. * I found the vent easy to accidentally bump open (but it's easy to close, too). * The power switch is also easy to accidentally turn off when using the Power Nozzle (but once again, it's easy to switch back on). * Not as easy to swivel as the original. It swivels, but it's a little squeaky, and I found myself having to help it around. I'm sure the fact that it's so light is probably one of the reasons, and it wasn't so bad that I was really bothered by it. Stuff that doesn't really matter: * No "TOP" indicator on the canister end to help you plug it in. * Biege doesn't match my grey Diamond J. * Slight suction leakage around the hose-handle joint (though the original suffered from this too, it's just an inherent issue with the design and a bit hard to work around). All in all, a fantastic replacement and a great way to revive an old machine. The hose is the first thing to subtly fail on old 'Luxes, so this is a great place to start if you're trying to get your old vac back to its original suction. The few issues it have are easy to put up with.
    (Posted on 2/18/2013)

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