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Rug Doctor Quick Dry Steam Cleaner Package
Rug Doctor Quick Dry Steam Cleaner Package
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This chemical package special is for use with Rug Doctors Quick Dry Machines. It consists of one case of Quick Dry carpet cleaner and one Mixed case of products.

Quick Dry Cleaner is only to be used in the Quick Dry Rug Doctor machines

4 Gallons of Rug Doctor Quick Dry Carpet Cleaner

Concentrated, fast-evaporating solution reduces drying time to under 2 hours in most applications.
Patent-pending formulation is the only way to get fast drying results from your Rug Doctor Pro Quick Dry machine.
Dispersing cleaning agents penetrate into carpet fibers and lift dirt to the surface for more complete removal.
Removes allergens such as pollen and dust.

1 Gallon of Hi-Traffic Pre-Treatment

Treats heavily soiled areas before cleaning.
Effective for removing grease and motor oil.
Leaves no residue to attract future soiling.

1 Gallon of Spot Remover

Developed for two types of stains;
1) Food stains like chocolate, fruit juice, greasy foods, milk, and vegetable oil.
2) Tough stains such as blood, automotive grease, ink, makeup, vomit and water based paints.
Approved by DuPont® and Monsanto® for use on stain-resistant carpets.

1 Gallon of Stain Remover

Removes acid-based stains such as urine, coffee, berries, tea and wine.
Contains a special ingredient that neutralizes the high alkali and ammonia content in urine and helps prevent it from bleaching carpet fibers (if urine has been left untreated and bleaching has already occurred, nothing can be done to reverse it.)
Approved by DuPont® and Monsanto® for use on stain-resistant carpets.

1 Gallon of Odor Remover

Uses advanced bio-enzyme technology to eliminate the organic source of odors.
Great for animal, food, smoke, mildew and other odors trapped in carpeting or upholstery.
Use as a pre-treatment or in the cleaning solution.
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