Samsung Lightweight HEPA Compact Canister Vacuum Model 5115G

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    Samsung Lightweight Canister Vacuum

    The Samsung Compact, lightweight HEPA filtration canister model 5115G is the top of Samsung's line for straight suction canisters and comes with a 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty. This featured packed model includes HEPA filtration for homes that have breathing issues, allergies, or pets, or for people who just would like to reduce the amount of dust in the home down, as well as a Bag Full indicator to alert when it's time to change the bag.

    Another great feature on the Samsung Compact Canister 5115G is the Cyclonic Dirt Separator. This is a cylinder tube that is attached to the wand of the vacuum cleaner. The job of the patented Cyclonic Dirt Separator is to pull the large dirt and debris into this container, and through centrifugal force, the larger dirt and debris is separated into smaller, and smaller dust and particles, breaking down the dirt and debris into very small particles which are then sent to the bag. This technology results in increased airflow, suction power, and a substantially more efficient bag which doesn't have to be emptied near as many times. Also because the dust and debris have gone through the Cyclonic Dirt Separator, the air that is exhausted from the the vacuum cleaner is much cleaner then a non-cyclonic system, with the final HEPA filter as the last protection level of capturing even the smallest of particles from being expelled back out into the air.

    The Samsung 5115G also comes with a variable speed motor control, allowing the user to vary the amount of suction power used on the vacuum cleaner. This feature is perfect for homes that have a variety of cleaning surfaces such as carpeting, bare floors, area rugs, as well as above the floor cleaning. The Samsung Compact Canister 5115G allows you to lower the suction power when cleaning delicate area rugs so you no longer have to try and straddle the rug to hold it down while you are vacuuming, and allows the user to vacuum the most delicate surfaces such as bathroom mats, or even draperies. This top of the line compact canister vacuum model 5115G is ultra convenient with the suction control settings on the handle of the hose, preventing you from having to go back to the canister to adjust the suction, instead simply just lower the suction with the slide of your finger tip controls.

    The Floor attachment included is a combination rug floor tool which will clean carpets as well as hard wood floors. This attachment is ideal for homes with low-medium piled carpets, or area rugs, and a majority of bare floors. If your home has a good amount of carpets or pet hair on carpeting, the Deluxe Full Size Floor Turbo Brush would be an excellent addition to this vacuum cleaner for homes that have pet hair issues, or medium piled carpets. If you have a thick plush carpet, a canister with an electrical power nozzle will be a better choice. This compact model is ideal for above the floor cleaning, stairs, bare surface floors, and area rugs only.

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