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    SEBO 9558AM Upright X4 Vacuum
    SEBO 9558AM Upright X4 Vacuum
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    SEBO 9558AM Upright X4 Vacuum comes with a free 10 year motor warranty.

    The SEBO 9558AM Upright X4 Vacuum gobbles up dirt and dust-busting challenges like pet hair and deep grime while remaining quiet enough for you to hear the doorbell ring while you are vacuuming. The 9558AM is the best choice for protecting your floors, health, and allergy concerns by delivering pollen and dirt killing hospital grade HEPA filtration with air-cleansing performance so powerful that the British Allergy Foundation has added SEBO filters to its list of recommended filters.

    What makes the SEBO 9558AM Upright X4 Vacuum the best vacuum buy for choosy discerning consumers? It’s German design and electronic “brain” makes it stand miles apart from regular vacuums on the market. The SEBO 9558AM Upright X4 Vacuum offers an intuitive interface that automatically adjusts to optimum cleaning height and switches off automatically when problems occur or when the bag is full. Sophisticated German technology is evident in its special electronic control, pinpointing the height of carpet nap so that the 9558AM vacuum’s cleaning brush is raised and lowered to protect floors and carpets against dings, marks and other damage while insuring the best cleaning performance.

    The SEBO 9558AM Upright X4 Vacuum is the best investment you can make if you are seeking to save money in the long term. The five-year warranty saves you money on maintenance and you’ll also save money on the costly replacement of carpets and vacuums because the 9558AM outlasts typical vacuums and cleans so well that it actually extends the life of your carpet. GoVacuum’s discounted price and free shipping adds to the tremendous value of this amazing upright.

    Was your current vacuum’s filtration system tested while it operates? It should be and that is what SEBO does to ensure that its SEBO X4’s HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter delivers the best hospital grade allergy and asthma relief. In fact, all of SEBO’s filters are so effective in removing dust and pollen that The British Allergy Foundation recommends them. The standard feature HEPA filter sits before the motor to insure that the dust and particles are filtered into the filtration bag instead of the air. First, the three-layer filter bags collect the vast majority of debris, pollen, pet hair and other particles. Then, the micro-hygiene filter collects the remaining particles so that only the smallest microns that are .3 in size or less remain. For the best allergy and asthma relief, the exhaust filter works hard to insure the cleanest air.

    Additional SEBO 9558AM Upright X4 Vacuum Features and Details:

    Is constructed in Germany and adhere to the highest German industry standards and practices.

    Has a super sleek German design allows storage in tight spots such as under your bed or in a small closet. It requires clearance room of only 5.5 inches.

    Tough and durable with a confidence inspiring 10 year warranty on the motor.

    German Manufacturing and Technology: This upright's brush removes dirt, dust and hair, moving it effortlessly into the suction chamber. Strong suction (airflow) carries debris to the three-layer filter bag to quickly eliminate dust and dirt that aggravates allergies and asthma.

    A special hand-held accessory brush grabs pet hair and grime from hard to reach places!

    GoVacuum offers a greatly discounted price on the SEBO 9558AM Upright X4 Vacuum to insure that you get the BEST PRICE on the BEST UPRIGHT VACUUM available on the market. Plus, the vacuum's energy saving design saves you added money on your electric bills.

    In addition to the 5 year warranty on the vacuum, GoVacuum is offering an additional 5 years so the consumer will have a phenomenal 10 year warranty on the motor, plus Sebo offers a lifetime warranty on the belt.

    Our free shipping with 2nd day air and fast delivery will save you time and money along with adding value to your purchase.

    Sebo Technical Upright Specifications

    • Hand-held Turbo Brush for extra tough grime
    • Weight 16.7 lbs
    • Wide cleaning path of 12"
    • Glossy red polished sheen finish with grey trim
    • Dual Fan Motor Air Flow: 103.8 CFM
    • Cord Length: 40 feet
    • 1300 watt motor
    • Dusting Brush accessory included
    • Cleaning Wand attachment
    • On-board Upright hose and attachments

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