SEBO AirBelt K3 9688AM GVPE Pet Edition Black Vacuum Cleaner

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    Are Pets and the fur / hair they leave behind a concern? GoVacuum has created a Pet Edition version of the already fantastic Sebo K3 9688AM Canister Vacuum. With bonus attachments including a premium parquet floor tool and the hand held turbo tool, vacuuming and cleaning up after your pets is now a whole lot easier. The Sebo K3 9688AM GVPE Pet Edition Canister Vacuum features a body design that is lightweight yet very durable. With the 360 degree rotating rubber coated wheels and the 180 degree swivel neck of the ET1 powernozzle (which comes standard) - the K3 canister will never be at a loss when it comes to agility and maneuverability. Reaching underneath a variety of different furniture and bed heights will certainly not be an issue with this eclectic canister vacuum. The Sebo K3 9688AM GVPE Pet Edition Canister Vacuum has an extremely low cleaning height profile measuring at only 3.5 inches. All of the suction power that the Sebo K3 9688AM GVPE Pet Edition Canister Vacuum generates is controlled by a slider located conveniently on the ergonomic vacuum handle. This allows users to vary the strength of suction as they move from surfaces that require different degrees of cleaning power. The "Airbelt" that surrounds the Sebo K3 9688AM GVPE Pet Edition Canister Vacuum provides protection for surrounding furniture and walls, in addition to, protecting the canister itself from unnecessary damage and scratches. The Airbelt is actually a ring of fabric that fills with air and serves 3 major purposes. One purpose is protection, as mentioned earlier. The second purpose is acting as a last line of defense in filtration, and the third purpose is the Airbelt bumper muffles the exhaust sound of the vacuum itself - contributing to an amazing 63 decibel quiet operation. The Sebo K3 9688AM GVPE Pet Edition Canister Vacuum features a full 32 foot cleaning radius along with a 20 foot "tug and retract" power cord. Besides an innovative ET1 power nozzle and the parquet floor brush, the K3 canister has 3 easy to reach, neatly stored on board attachments. These standard attachments play a huge role in maximizing all above-the-floor cleaning. A crevice tool for all of those hard to reach areas, a dusting brush for the cleaning of tables, computer tops,etc , and a upholstery tool for the standard cleaning of anything upholstered. Power is to put mildly what the 9688AM German made 1250 watt motor produces. The measurement ratings for the airflow and suction strength that this K3 canister vacuum produces is chart topping - 110 inches of water lift and a 120 CFM's. K3 Specifications 32FT cleaning radius 20FT power cord 12 pounds of vacuum weight Operation noise: 63 Decibels 1250 Watt Motor 5 Year Warranty Bonus Pet Attachments: 2 3 on board attachments Quick Reference Guide
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