Sebo Essential G Pet Edition 9591AM Upright Vacuum

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    Sebo Essential G Pet Edition 9591AM Upright Vacuum is a sturdy, well made cleaning machine by the German manufacturer Sebo.

    GoVacuum wanted to take this high quality, high performance machine and include two bonus attachments to further enhance an already fantastic, dynamic upright vacuum the ability to tackle stubborn pet hair and fur. Thus the creation of the Pet Edition.

    The two bonus attachments are the 9 foot extension hose and the hand held turbo tool. These two attachments will give the user the reach and ability needed to clean pet hair / fur off a variety of surfaces - from furniture to carpeted stairs with ease.

    The Essential G also comes with 3 standard on board attachments which are the crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush.

    The 9591AM is part of the G1 series of upright vacuums from Sebo. The G1 upright vacuums feature a 12 inch cleaning width which will make the upright lighter than the G2 upright vacuums and provide for a more maneuverable vacuuming experience.

    The Sebo Essential G Pet Edition 9591AM Upright Vacuum epitomizes the word durability. With its rugged scratch and scuff resistant finish plus its long lasting, high quality suction motor, the Essential G offers the type of quality and value that consumers have always looked for.

    Consumers with specific filtration needs will surely be interested in this superior upright. Whether Asthma or Allergies are the primary concern, the S-Class filtration system will deliver by removing 99.97% of all lung and sinus damaging particles. This innovative filtration system is not only endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation, but also never restricts the airflow within the vacuum because of the filters unique design. This allows the Sebo Essential G Pet Edition 9591AM Upright Vacuum to always perform at its best during operation and while dirt is being collected.

    The cleaning radius the Sebo Essential G Pet Edition 9591AM Upright Vacuum possesses is incredible. With its 40 foot power cord, standard 6 ft integrated suction hose with 3 ft wand, and the additional bonus 9 foot extension hose - the Essential G has an astounding 58ft cleaning radius. This will have a tremendous impact on reducing cleaning times.

    Carpets are traditionally what uprights do best, the Sebo Essential G Pet Edition 9591AM Upright Vacuum just happens to do it better. With it's fantastic agitation system and 4 different height levels to choose from, the 9591AM performs beautifully on any grade, style, or pile of carpeting. The vacuum belt within the 9591AM is a durable cogged belt that holds up so well that Sebo provides an unheard of 5 year warranty on it.

    The variety of sensors and safety features included with the 9591AM, ensures years of worry free enjoyment. The vacuum signals the user to the vacuum bag being full, if a clog is present, if the roller brush needs replacing, or if the height adjustment selected is incorrect given the thickness of carpet being cleaned. If an obstruction occurs within the brush roller housing the vacuum will automatically shut off, allow the user to safely remove the obstruction, and then continue vacuuming.


    • 1300 watt motor
    • 103.8 CFM and 92.5 inches of water lift
    • 1.4 gallon bag capacity
    • 16.9 lbs vacuum weight
    • 40ft power cord
    • 69 decibels of quiet operation

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