Sebo X4 9577AM GVPE Upright Vacuum
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    This blue with yellow trim X4 upright vacuum by Sebo is GoVacuum's special pet edtion vacuum. The GVPE (GoVacuum Pet Edtion) includes a bonus hand held turbo tool and a 9 foot extesnion hose. These free attachments are included with the Sebo X4 9577AM GVPE Upright Vacuum at NO EXTRA CHARGE only from

    GoVacuum also offers the Sebo X4 9577AM GVPE Upright Vacuum with free shipping to the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and a 60 Day in home trial. This will give consumers ample time to try and fall in love with the Sebo X4 9577AM GVPE Upright Vacuum.

    Innovative engineering was implemented in designing the Sebo X4 upright vacuums; from the high performance, the durable construction, the intuitive fail-safe sensors, to the S-Class filtration system. The Sebo X4 9577AM GVPE Upright Vacuum is certainly on the cutting edge for upright vacuums within the industry.

    The suction power is derived from the powerful 1300 watt suction motor, generating airflow measured at 103.8 cfm and registering an incredible 92 inches of water lift. This power will increase the proficiency of vacuum cleaning within a consumer's home.

    The Sebo X4 9577AM GVPE Upright Vacuum is a unique sealed system upright vacuum providing some of the best filtration of any vacuum on the market today. Besides the 99.99% particle capturing capability the uniquely designed filters within the X4 upright vacuums have a smooth surface thus allowing the vacuums to maintain optimum airflow and suction power while still providing the best filtration.

    The intuitive fail-safe sensors will detect and inform the user as to any obstruction within the roller brush housing, clog within the machine itself, and / or even when the brushroll needs replacing. If / when an obstruction does occur the vacuum will shut off protecting against damage to the belt and the vacuum suction motor plus giving time for the user to remove the obstruction. Another innovation of vacuum excellence is the automatic brushroll adjustment the Sebo X4 Vacuums possess. This feature determines the correct height the roller brush should be set at for peak vacuum performance no matter the pile of carpeting being cleaned.

    The Sebo X4 9577AM GVPE Upright Vacuum possess a huge 1.4 gallon vacuum bag capacity. This large capacity gives consumers more value for their purchase of the vacuum and with the replacing of the vacuum bags.

    The X4 uprights have 3 standard tools that are stored neatly on the back of the upright itself. The crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush all play a role in rounding out the performance capabilities of the Sebo X4 9577AM GVPE Upright Vacuum.

    Weighing 16.7 pounds makes the Sebo X4 9577AM GVPE Upright Vacuum extremely easy to push leaving consumers to enjoy their newly clean home without the feeling of tiredness or fatigue, which consumers could possibly experience with the X4's heavier counterparts.


    • Motor Power in Wattage: 1300
    • 103.8 CFM Airflow Rating
    • 40 foot Power Cord
    • Manufacturer's 5 year warranty on non wearable parts, labor, and suction motor
    • Body Weight: 16.7 lbs
    • Vacuum Bag: 1.4 gallon capacity
    • Quiet Operation: 69 Decibels
    • Vacuum Belt has Lifetime warranty
    • Cleaning Width: 12 inches

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