Sebo X5 9580AM White Upright Vacuum

Sebo X5 9580AM White Upright Vacuum

Sebo X5 9580AM White Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

SEBO X-5 9580AM Upright (White) Vacuum

TheSebo X-5 9580AM is a great upright vacuum claner.

X-5 Instant-use Wand and Suction Hose – The integrated instant-use wand and suction hose are always ready. Justpull out either tool, or both together, to clean hard-to-reach corners,edges and crevices. The wand and hose together have an eight-foot reach.The suction hose is ideal for cleaning furniture. And an optionalnine-foot extension hose is available, which creates a total hose lengthof 15 feet . . . perfect for cleaning stairs. Choose from a range ofoptional attachments that can be fitted to the wand or hose!

The Sebo X5 Vacuum’s Low 5 ½-inch Profile – Lower the handle flat to the floor to clean under beds, or lower it to the intermediate stop position to maneuver over rugs. Depress the foot pedalagain to bypass the intermediate stop position, or close this positionby moving the orange handle-position slider.

Floor and Carpet Automatic Height Adjustment:– The electronic controller on the Sebo X-5 9580AM adjusts the power head up or down to the appropriate brush height, providing optimalcleaning of both carpets and hard floors. The "sealing strip," located behind the brush, improves hard floor cleaning performance by channelingthe airflow and preventing debris kickback.

X5 SEBO Brush Adjustment Indicator Lights –Two green lights, one for "up" and one for "down," illuminate toindicate when the power head is in the process of adjusting brush heightto the proper cleaning level. Optimal cleaning effectiveness occurswhen both lights are off.

Brush Obstruction Light with Automatic Shut Off – Ifan obstruction jams the brush roller, the red "check brush" warning light flashes quickly, the brush roller immediately stops spinning, and the vacuum shuts off. This feature prevents the belts from breaking and guards against motor and carpet damage.

Worn Brush Light. Easy Brush Removal and Cleaning –Whenthe brush roller’s bristles are worn to a point that brush agitation isless effective, the red "check brush" warning light remains illuminated during use. The vacuum continues to operate; it will not automaticallyshut off. When needed, installing a new brush roller or cleaning hair orother debris from a usedbrush is quick and doesn’t require specialtools.
X5 9580AM Stationary Use Light – When the vacuum is stationary in its upright handle-locked position, thepower head adjusts upward to the height necessary (or to its highestpossible level) to disengage the spinning brush roller from the floor. However, if the brush remains in contact with carpet fibers, despite thepower head’s upward adjustment, the red "check brush" warning lightflashes to alert the user to avoid potential carpet marking from excessive use time in a stationary position. Usually, very high-pilecarpets cause this situation, or the vacuum is tilted toward the brushroller while using the cleaning wand and/or hose. The solution is totilt the locked upright handle backward such that the brush is raisedabove the carpet pile.

Bag Full or Clog Light with Automatic Shut Off – Whena full bag, a clog in the airflow pathway, or an excessively dirtymicro filter is detected, the red "bag full or clog" warning lightilluminates, the vacuum automatically shuts off after 30 seconds, and then the warning light starts continuously flashing. This featureprevents overheating and motor damage from a lack of adequate airflow.

Combination Carrying Handle with Rotating Cord Hook – The AUTOMATIC X is easy to carry or quickly unwind the cord, using its unique handle with integrated rotating cord hook.

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