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    1. EdenPURE TM AQUA2000 Water Filtration System

      EdenPURE TM AQUA2000 Water Filtration System

      The EdenPURE TM AQUA2000 is a very affordable water filtration system that provides fresh and pure energized water that could save you thousands! For just pennies a gallon, you and your family can enjoy pure, clean water. Avoid the rising cost and unknown quality of bottled water with the only water treatment alternative that integrates five proven technologies. This entirely unique water purifier energizer is far superior to anything else on the market and is now available exclusively through Resource Partners. The EdenPURE TM AQUA2000 is a bubbling departure from typical outdated "filtration only" drinking water options. Today's typical, expensive stagnant bottled water just doesn't compare. Prior to the EdenPURE TM AQUA2000 being miniaturized, this same technology would have cost the average consumer over 10 thousand dollars to own. By miniaturizing the EdenPURE TM AQUA2000 it is affordable to the masses for less then the cost of a typical 16 ounce bottle of water a day. The EdenPURE TM AQUA2000 is a fresh departure from outdated drinking water options and is finally affordable to the public. This water machine promises to deliver a new level of on-demand, fresh, pure, affordable drinking water unlike anything else most Americans have ever seen Delivering the latest in micro technology and harnessing all four powers of nature in one miniature unit, the EdenPURE TM AQUA2000 delivers a level of revitalized water. Though the technology is radically different from what you may be familiar with, the processes used are as old and powerfully potent as the earth itself. Learn More
    2. Mini Blind Brush

      Mini Blind Brush

      Mini Blind Brush. Free Shipping if ordered with any vacuum you buy.Removes Dust Fast and Effectively Attaches Easily to your Vacuum Cleaner's Hose Extremely Lightweight Mini blind window coverings are a very popular choice when it comes to home interior d Learn More

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