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    1. Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

      Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

      As recommended on epinions and pet lovers sites everywhere! We now have, in stock, the Gonzo Revolutionary Pet Hair Lifter! This amazing dry sponge works great on upholstery, clothing, drapes, bedding, wallpaper, woodwork, painted walls, carpets, pet ar Learn More
    2. Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter
    3. Mini Blind Brush

      Mini Blind Brush

      Mini Blind Brush. Free Shipping if ordered with any vacuum you buy.Removes Dust Fast and Effectively Attaches Easily to your Vacuum Cleaner's Hose Extremely Lightweight Mini blind window coverings are a very popular choice when it comes to home interior d Learn More
    4. Central Vacuum Hose Hanger

      Central Vacuum Hose Hanger

      Central Vacuum Hose Hanger for CVAC hoses. Strong Reinforced hose Hanger made of Plastic. Easy to Install Central Vacuum Reinforced Hose Hanger. Learn More

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