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    1. Stain-X Extraction Carpet Shampoo- 1 gallon

      Stain-X Extraction Carpet Shampoo- 1 gallon

      1 Gallon - Stain-X Extraction Carpet Shampoo for Bissell, Eureka, Hoover, Kenmore and Sears carpet extracters and cleaners. This specially balanced blend of low foaming surfactants is designed for extraction on all types of carpet & upholstery. It is a po Learn More
    2. Stain-X Stain Remover Wipes

      Stain-X Stain Remover Wipes

      Stain-s is odorless, colorless, non-flammable, biodegradable and resits resoiling. It safely cleans carpets, rugs, fabric, upholstery, curtains, car interiors, clothing etc.Comes as 30-7" x 8" pre trewated towellets Learn More
    3. Nadair 550-ST-18 Central Vacuum Cleaner
    4. Nadair ACC-KIT-01 central vacuum cleaning package
    5. Nadair ACC-KIT-02-SW-30 central vacuum cleaning package
    6. Nadair ACC-KIT-02-SW-35 central vacuum cleaning package
    7. Nadair ACC-KIT-04 central vacuum cleaning package
    8. NADAIR 700-AL-32 Central Vacuum Cleaner
    9. NADAIR 600-AL-32 Central Vacuum Cleaner
    10. Nadair 600-AL-22 Central Vacuum Cleaner

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