Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Water System

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Water System

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Water System

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Product Description

Sirena S10NA Total Home Cleaning System


The Sirena S10Na Total Home Cleaning System uses water to filter the dirt picked up by the vacuum. Unlike other vacuums that use bags or are bagless, the water filtration system assures that you have the cleanest air possible.


Some of the features of the Sirena Vacuum:

Motor:  The Sirena Vacuum uses an Italian motor made by Amatek. This is the strongest motor available for a vacuum cleaner with over 86 inches of water lift. This two-speed motor even has a quiet mode. The maintenance-free motor requires no service and has a ten year warranty.  .


The Hoses:  The Sirena Vacuum comes with two hoses. One is designed to be used for picking up water, which lets the Sirena vacuum be used as a wet dry vacuum. The main hose has over a 77 inch reach and has the vacuum controls in the handle. The specially designed handle allows you to vacuum without any stress on your hand and wrist.


The Wands:  Your Sirena Vacuum comes with two sets of steel wands. When you add these to the long hose, you can reach up to 12 feet for those hard to reach jobs.


The Motorized Brush Unit:  The power nozzle on the Sirena Vacuum is a totally new design. With its low profile, it goes under most of your furniture for extra deep cleaning.  The vacuum belt requires no tools to change and an extra belt stores on the bottom of the nozzle. The hardwood roller is designed with many of today's newer carpets in mind. The nozzle also has three height adjustments so you are always vacuuming at the right height.


The Cleaning Tools: Five special attachments ride along on the vacuum for your cleaning convenience. Each tool was redesigned to give the maximum airflow for the deepest cleaning. All of the attachments use natural brushes and are designed not to get pet hair clogged in the tools.  The tools all have a locking button to prevent the tools from falling off. There is also a tool for inflating air mattresses and inflatable toys.


The Dolly:  The Sirena Vacuum sits on a removable dolly with four casters. These casters allow the vacuum to move along on the floor and prevent the vacuum from falling over. The caddy comes off when you do not want it to roll around, such as when you set it on steps.


Air Cleaner:  Your Sirena vacuum also can be used as an air cleaner. When you put one of the many fragrances available in the water, you freshen the air as you clean it. Running the vacuum once a day for a few minutes helps keep down indoor pollution.  When you add Eucalyptus Oil to the water, you can use the vacuum as a vaporizer.


Hepa Filter: The Hepa filter is washable and never has to be changed. You do not need any tools to wash the filter.


Extra Deep Cleaning:  The Sirena Vacuum is also very good at eliminating dust mites (dust mites are so small that 7,000 can fit on your finger tip), embedded carpet dirt, pet fur/dander, household odors, ragweed and smoke.


The Warranty:  The warranty is 10 years on the motor. 3 years on all other parts, and one year on labor.


All of these features are designed to save you money  (no bags to buy) and have the healthiest, clean home.


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