Ladybug Vapor XLT 2300S Steam Cleaner with TANCS

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    The Ladybug Vapor XLT 2300S Steam Cleaner with TANCS is a commercial grade steamer with a professional collection of on-board tools, and the TANCS system has been lab-certified by the EPA to provide nearly complete sterilization of surfaces. It's perfect for those who require several hours of steam cleaning per day.

    Ladybug Commercial Quality

    Delivering commercial grade heat (298 degrees) and pressure (66 psi), the Ladybug Vapor XLT 2300S Steam Cleaner with TANCS powers out dirt, grease, odors, soap scum, germs, viruses and more from almost any indoor and outdoor surface in one easy procedure without harmful chemicals.

    What is TANCS?

    TANCS (Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation) is a process of super heating Nano Crystals in tap water to the point of acceleration that enables them to rip through the cell membranes of microorganisms like bunker-buster bombs and destroy the exposed microbes with intense heat. Lab studies have shown that repeated applications of TANCS renders surfaces almost entirely sterile, and that's as clean as it gets.

    How Does TANCS Work?

    TANCS destroys microorganisms by disruption of the cell membrane. Due to the activity of the nano crystals on the cell membrane, microorganisms are readily exposed to lethal thermal limits and are destroyed on contact.

    What will TANCS do for you?

    TANCS provides a universal process for disinfection, which is safer to use, faster-acting, and more effective than topically applied chemical disinfectants.

    Efficacy of the Process

    Nelson Labs of Utah certified that a 7-second exposure to TANCS steam vapor provides a 5-7 log reduction in microbes and was consistently achieved on all microorganisms tested. This efficacy is thousands of times better than any directly applied water disinfecting process using chemicals.

    Timeline for Results

    Results are dramatic and immediate. With regular use, however, the results continue to improve over time, resulting in a disinfection baseline that approaches sterilization. Due to the high efficacy of the TANCS process, results will last longer between cleanings and time requirements for equivalent cleaning will be reduced.

    Control and Elimination of Biofilm

    Biofilm is the result of microorganisms attached to surfaces. Exposure to TANCS steam vapor dissolves existing Biofilm from all surfaces. Complete destruction of the microorganisms eliminates new biofilm development.

    The TANCS Advantage

    • Improved sanitation condition quality.
    • Reduced health risks for operator.
    • Vapor elimination of residual odor.
    • Extended warranty on boiler - 8 years!
    • Savings in time.
    • Savings in treatment costs.
    • Manageable cleaning protocols.
    • Elimination and control of biofilms.

    The TANCS Green Factor

    • Uses ordinary tap water - no chemicals!
    • Ultra energy efficient.
    • Eliminates pre and post water processes.
    • Eliminates steam scaling.
    • Removes chemical residues.
    • Improves Indoor Air Quality.

    Excellent Ladybug Features

    Along with the same great features found on the Ladybug 2300 steamer, except the Ladybug Vapor XLT 2300S Steam Cleaner with TANCS includes an 8 year warranty on the boiler and extends the warranty for parts and accessories to 3 years, PLUS the TANCS upgrade. The XLT 2300S includes an easy-to-read pressure gauge, fingertip controls, dual stainless steel boilers, a low water indicator with an added alarm feature and more.

    Excellent Ladybug Tools

    The handy tool caddy keeps nozzles and accessories close at hand -- unlike other models, which require tote bags for their tools. Ladybug Vapor XLT 2300S Steam Cleaner with TANCS ships with an instructional DVD to show users how to get the most out of this excellent machine.

    Specifications for Ladybug Vapor XLT 2300S Steam Cleaner with TANCS

    • Self-monitoring "Dry" Vapor Steam Generator with Continuous Fill
    • Non-pressurized Water Reservoir
    • Commercial Grade High Performance, High Temperature (298°F) Vapor Steam
    • Fingertip Controls
    • Flexible Hose with Volume Control
    • Pressure Gauge for Maximum Efficiency
    • Low Water Light Plus Audible Signal
    • Splash Proof Design
    • 8 Year Warranty on Boiler
    • 3 Year Warranty on All Other Parts & Accessories
    • Instructional DVD and User Manual
    • 66 psi, 298 degrees, 1500W-1700W Heating Power. 1.8 + 1.5 quarts.

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