Reliable EV1 Envriomate Tandem Combination Canister Vacuum / Steam Cleaner.

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    Brand: Reliable

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    Electrical Output:


    Boiler & water capacity

    3.4 cups, .8L | 4.2 cups,1L

    Operating pressure

    72.5 PSI; 5 bar


    700W; 2 elements

    Boiler temperature

    302 degrees F - 320 degrees F

    Tip temperature

    245 degrees F; 118 degrees C

    Tank construction

    Stainless steel 18/10

    Length of Cord

    16.3' ; 5 m

    Length of steam hose

    7.2' ; 2.2m

    Net weight

    25.8 lb; 11.7 kg

    Country of origin


    Electrical approval


    Vacuum Filtration Type

    70 micrometer HEPA filter

    Shipping dimensions

    15.75" x 20.8" x 17"

    UPC Number



    Ltd 1 year, 5 years tank & shell

    Reliable Enviromate EV1 Features

    * 5 minute heat up time
    * Detachable 7.2' steam hose
    * 18/10 Stainless Steel Tank
    * Light and Sound warning when water level is low
    * Boiler & water capacity total is 7.6 cups - 1.8L
    * 1700W 2 heating elements
    * 302 - 320F boiler temperature
    * 245F tip temperature (distance 0.8 inches)

    Made in Italy !!!

    We have been in search for a good quality steam / vacuum cleaner duo machine for a long time now, but the Reliable Enviromate EV1 has finally put an end to our searching. Prior to the EV1, you had to vacuum your floors first, and then use the steam cleaner to clean and sanitize them. The new Reliable Enviromate EV1 machine takes care of both jobs with a single machine. The machine has a convenient finger tip controls that allow you to easily change cleaning modes. The machine can be used a water filtered canister vacuum alone, a vacuum and steam cleaner at the same time, or as just a steam cleaner. The Enviromate EV-1 is so powerful, it can even be used as a carpet steam cleaner and remove stains.

    With the combination of a 5 Bar, 72.5 PSI pressure rating, and 320 degree heated steam, the EV1 provides a powerful, constant flow of highly pressurized steam that penetrates deep into carpeting fibers and kill dust mites, germs, bacteria, bed bugs, and other allergens, and unlike other steam cleaners, the Reliable EV-1 then finishes by vacuuming the dead organisms out of the carpets and rugs.

    For homes with allergies or breathing issues, the Reliable EV1 Tandem is one of the absolute best products you can purchase to help alleviate allergy, or asthma symptoms. The vacuum part of the machine does not use bags to capture dust mites, bacteria and germs, but instead uses the proven benefits of a water filtration system. As the dust and dirt is vacuumed from your floor, it is sucked in through the hose, passes through the first of 4 different filters. This first filter is a washable air intake filter, which mostly is there to prevent any large debris or other items from entering into the vacuum's motor. After the air passes through this filter, it then drops into the water tank. The saying "Wet Dirt Can't Fly" is very appropriate here, as the water prevents even the smallest microscopic particles from escaping. After the air is filtered first by the water, it then passes through an activated carbon filter that eliminates any odors, and finally exhausts through a 70 micrometer exhaust HEPA filter. The vacuum alone would be tremendous weapon in the war on allergies, but with the added benefit of 320 degree steam, the army of dust mites invading your home don't stand a chance!

    Reliable includes just about any tool or attachment with the EV1 that you could even think of, giving you the ability to clean just about any type of surface. The machine includes attachments for both the vacuum part of the machine, the steam cleaner, and also includes attachments that are used to deep clean carpets and rugs. All together there are 24 different accessories and attachments that you may used with your Enviromate EV1. The attachments included with this model are:

    2 Extension wands

    Small metal brush 30mm

    Crevice Tool

    The Steam Nozzle for attaching small brushes

    Small Nylon

    30mm Brush

    150mm small window cleaner

    150mm bristle frame

    150mm window squeegee frame

    250mm window squeegee

    Filling bottle

    30mm Brass Bristle Brush

    Radiator Cleaning Brush

    Dusting brush

    Upholstery nozzle

    Brush for upholstery

    Brush for carpets

    Air intake filter

    Universal brush

    Bristle Frame for Vacuuming Hard Surfaces

    Rigid frame for carpets with steam function, Rubber scraper, and Key for drain plug.

    Lastly, and most importantly, also included with the Reliable Enviromate EV1 Tandem Vacuum & Steamer Duo is our GoVacuum Guarantee. We are so sure that you will love your new Reliable, we offer a 60 Day, Risk Free In-Home trial period for you to try this incredible machine out in your home. If you are not 100% completely satisfied, you may return the machine to us within 60 days of your purchase for a 100% FULL refund*. You also will receive with your machine a prepaid FedEx return label, which you may use for free to return us the machine if you decide to return it. We want each and every customer to be completely satisfied, and we'll bend over backwards to make sure you're experience with us is the best mail order purchase you've ever had.

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