Stink Bug Vacuum Cleaner GoVacuum Model GVH11
    Stink Bug Vacuum Cleaner GoVacuum Model GVH11

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    The Invasion of the Stink Bug, also known as the Shield Bug, or by it's scientific name Pentatomoidea, has caused frantic home owners in the Mid-Atlantic to try everything from spraying these pesky insects with soapy water, to cutting milk jugs in half and filling the bottom of the jug with soapy water, to putting liquid dish washing soap into a spray bottle and spraying the bugs down, long enough to scoop them up with their bare hands and release them, or flush them down the toilet.

    Until now, these methods have been praised by some, while others have called them useless.   The invasive species is really effecting the Mid-Atlantic area (home of coincidentally) the hardest, especially; Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, and even parts of Ohio.   

    Luckily has come up with the Stink Bug Vacuum!   This vacuum humanely captures these pesky insects into a see through, transparent bin, which can be transported (preferably outside in your least favorite neighbors front yard) and released, without activating the insets natural defense mechanism of releasing a pungent odor (which is why they are called stink bugs).   

    The difference between this vacuum and most others is that after the vacuum cleaner is turned off, the machine has a convenient rubber flap, which seals the dust bin completely shut, preventing an attempted jail break from the stink bugs.  Most other hand vacuums, or most vacuums in general don't have this seal, which allows the stink bugs to find their way out just as easily as you put them in.

    The vacuum weighs under 5 lbs., and comes with a deluxe set of attachments, allowing you to capturing these bugs on practically any surface.   With the three extension wands, the Stink Bug Vac can easily reach above the floor or hard to reach areas to capture these smelly bugs.  The attachment set includes:
    • Deluxe Extension Hose
    • (3) Extension Wands
    • Stair and Upholstery Tool With Slide of Brushes
    • 12" Carpet / Floor Combination Tool With Retractable Brushes
    • Convenient Shoulder Carrying Strap
    • Model # GVH11
    We recommend using the upholstery attachment without the slide on brushes when capturing stink bugs, as this attachment provides the easiest to maneuver, most airflow attachment large enough for these creepy shield bugs.

    The Stinkbug Vacuum is not a vacuum solely for capturing Stink Bugs, but can also be used for quick pickups around the house, in-between detailed vacuumings, cleaning your car or desk, as well as upholstery and stairs, and those hard to reach areas that larger, full size vacuums just can't reach.   
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