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    Stink Bugs are a growing nuisance here in the Mid-Atlantic region, especially in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. There have been many methods which have been shared on how to capture these terrible smelling insects, from cutting a milk jug in half and filling it with soapy water, to spraying the bugs with dish-washing soap, to trapping the stinkbugs with their bare hands. These methods have had mixed results, with some people swearing by their own method of controlling these pesky creatures, while others report these methods as useless. Well GoVacuum has found a humane solution to capturing stink bugs (also known as stinky bugs, shield bugs, or their scientific name Pentatomidae) with the Stink Bug Vacuum

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    1. Stink Bug Vacuum Cleaner GoVacuum Model GVH11

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