Thermax AF1 Water Filtration Vacuum and Hot Water Extraction System

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    The AF1 is designed for environments that are mostly carpeted and contain some hard flooring. It is also ideal for homes with indoor pets that shed.

    Thermax has lead the way once again by redesigning and incorporating its revolutionary hot water extraction and water filtration technology into a lightweight, compact, easy to use home care system, the Thermax AF1. It will replace your traditional air purifier, vacuum cleaner, and steam cleaner, changing the way you clean forever!

    Water has always been nature's way to clean. We routinely wash our clothes, dishes and even ourselves with water. Now we can finally do the same for our carpets and upholstery. Your new Thermax AF1 washes away the stagnant, recirculated contaminants from your air, furnishings, and flooring, trapping them within the water while you clean. Your Thermax AF1 then easily converts into a hot water extraction system capable of washing deeply embedded oils, stains, and greases from the fibers of your carpet and upholstery -- for unsurpassed water washed cleanliness.

    Using your new Thermax AF1 to clean is a more thorough and healthier way to clean. Our patented system operates constantly at maximum airflow efficiency, unlike traditional dry bag and bagless type vacuums that can lose over 50% of their airflow (cleaning ability) when they are only one-third full. Because the aqua filter is emptied and cleaned after each vacuuming, the contaminants are permanently removed from your home -- not left in a filthy bag or dry basin, only to be blown back into the indoor environment through the filter's pores each time you vacuum. Your new Thermax AF1 Home Environment Cleaning System simply washes away the worry of indoor air pollution forever!

    Thermax AF1 Features & Benefits

    The Thermax AF1 has many features, including Thermax's total air treatment, Thermax's home environment cleaning system, and many standard attachments that come with the AF1.

    Thermax AF1 Dusting DetailThermax AF1 Steaming Detail

    Thermax's Total Air Treatment

    Water Wash

    Thermax Triple Filtration SystemBecause of your Thermax's patented design, you can now clean the air in your home just like nature. But rather than passing the water through the air with precipitation, we've even perfected nature, on a smaller scale of course, by passing all the air through the water. Because there are some components of house dust that are not water soluble such as microscopic particles of sheet rock and cement dust, your AF1 uses a unique double protection filtration system. Between the water, which is responsible for trapping 97% of the contaminants that enter your AF1, and our special urethane filter which traps the remaining 3%, your AF is the only system in the world that has an up to 100% allergy free operation. By running your AF1 to water wash your air for an hour once or twice a week, the dust content in your home will be dramatically reduced, cutting your cleaning time in half. Your A/C filters will last 3 times as long! Water also has the natural property of absorbing odors, so once the stagnant and recirculated air is trapped in the water, you pour the condition down the drain or outside and it is gone forever!

    Deodorize & Sanitize

    Aqua Blue and Valley Fresh - ThermaxYou can use your AF1 with plain water for a fresh natural scent or add two capfuls of either Thermax's Aqua Blue or Valley Fresh to both deodorize and sanitize your air. Both solutions therapeutically cleanse your indoor environment, neutralizing any harmful germs and bacteria, leaving your home healthy and clean.


    The average family spends hundreds of dollars each year on candles, aerosols, plug-ins, and potpourri to eliminate odors, but all they really do is cover up the problem by masking them. By adding 10 drops of your favorite fragrance to your AF1, you can add a nice scent to your air while it's being purified. Run your AF1 about 15 minutes in a room and the 100% allergy free fragrance will remain in your air up to 8 hours! Check out our full line of Thermax Water Basin Fragrances!


    Eucalpytus Menthol for the ThermaxBy adding Eucalyptus to the water, you can use your new AF1 to replace your traditional vaporizer. Vaporizers can be very helpful if you have a cold or the flu because they add medication to the air so you can breathe freely and get the necessary rest you need. Simply add 10 drops of either Eucalyptus or Eucalyptus/Menthol fragrance and let your AF1 run only 15 minutes before going to bed. During that time you will water wash your air, deodorize and sanitize with your Aqua Blue, while adding the medication which will last your whole night's sleep!

    Humidify & Dehumidify

    Throughout every operation of the AF1 Total Air Treatment, the air maintains a 50% humidity level, which is the ideal amount of humidity for breathing.

    Your Thermax AF1 Total Air Treatment System can dramatically improve the health, comfort, and well-being of you and your family's indoor environment, and that's only 1/3 of your AF1's major functions!

    Thermax's Home Environment Cleaning System

    The Thermax AF1 Home Environmental Cleaning System represents a departure from the conventional vacuuming systems of yesterday, today and the future. The AF1 wasn't designed to compete with vacuums cleaners. It was designed to replace them.

    Drawbacks of Conventional Vacuums for Allergy Sufferers

    Because of the generally poor condition of the indoor air quality made worse by poor carpet cleanliness, many people are feeling the adverse effects stimulated by this phenomenon we have come to know as Indoor Air Pollution.

    There are many who are hypersensitive to matter which can produce allergic reactions, such as eczema, asthma, hay fever, etc. This matter is allergen, which is either inhaled, consumed or comes in direct contact with the skin. The inhaled allergen is airborne and is the most common and difficult to avoid

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