Tornado Power

    GoVacuum carries Tornado Power Vacuum Cleaners, Vacuum Bags, Caret Extractors and many more over a wide variety of style and usage. There are also commercial vacuums which have provided excellent results on hard floor coverings including vinyl tile, slate, mosaic, granite, marble and rubber floors. They can be used on escalators, commercial-grade carpeting and entrance matting. They are all backed by low-moisture cleaning with cylindrical brush, ergonomic, whisper-quiet, daytime cleaning and provide extended carpet lifecycle and improve appearance with encapsulation.

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    1. Tornado Power Unclog Cleaning Cloth

      Tornado Power Unclog Cleaning Cloth

      This is a canister of 25 Tornado Power Cloths which are the perfect, easy, and safe solution towards unclogging your vacuum cleaner hose. Learn More

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