Upright & Canister Vapor Steam Mop Comparison

    Upright Vapor Steam Cleaners that we recommend: how we rate vacuums?

    Upright Vapor Sanitizing Steam Mops
    Water Temperature / Boiler Wattage
    Cord Length
    Number of Steam Jets
    Heat-up Time vs. Steam Time
    Attachments Included
    Additional Features & Overview
    Haan Total Home Steam Cleaning Package, FS-20(Floor) & HS-20(Hand).

    1st Choice
    Both Units 212° F / HS: 1000 Watt; FS:800 Watt
    FS-20 Has 15 Jets
    HS-20 Has 1 Jet.
    Both Units take 2-3 mins. Heat time;
    • FS-20 Cleans for up to 30 mins.,
    • HS-20 Hand steamer cleans for 15 mins. before refill is needed.
    • FS-20+: Carpet Sanitizing Tray, 2 Ultra Micro-fiber Pads, Short Handle Attachment for mattresses,and measuring cup included.
    • HS-20 Handheld: Turbo Steam Nozzle, Extended Flexible Nozzle, L-Shaped Angle Nozzle, Glass & Mirror Squeegee,Microfiber Cloth Attachment, Microcham™ Sponge, Microcham™ Towel, Counter Attachment, Garment/Upholstery Attachment, Hard Bristle Detail Brush, Carrying Pouch.
    The Haan Deluxe Steam Package comes with the Haan FS-20+ upright mop, and the HS-20 Handheld steamer, and basically has any attachment needed for sanitizing and cleaning all surfaces throughout the home. The FS-20 Has 15 steam jets, more then any other steam mop on the market. Their Ultra Micro-fiber pads are 30% more absorbent then standard micro-fiber and the HS-20 has a very powerful 1000 Watt boiler meaning faster, and easier cleaning.
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    Monster EZ1 Vapor Steam Mop

    2nd Choice

    266° F / 1000 Watt
    25 ft.
    10 Total; 4 Jets On Top, 6 Jets on Bottom.
    2-3 mins heat up time; 20 Minutes of cleaning time before needing a refill.
    Carpet Sledge for cleaning rugs and carpets, 2 Bare floor micro-fiber pads, 1 carpet mirco-fiber pad, and a funnel are all included.
    The Monster EZ1 is GoVacuum's second highest rated upright vapor Steam Mop, and was very close to the top position. With the new metal telescoping handle that has been added, makes the handle much sturdier the previous plastic style. At 266° F Monster heats the water hotter then the competition, and the 4 front mounted steam jets really help loosen the grease and grime before going over it with the micro-fiber pad, the floor is completely clean in just one swipe. .
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    Haan SI-35 Slim & Light Floor Sanitizer

    3rd Choice

    212° F / 1200 Watts
    19.5 ft.
    15 Steam Jets
    30 Seconds Heat-up Time, 30 Minutes of cleaning time before needing a refill.
    Soft Surface Glide Attachment For carpets & rugs, 2 Ultra Micro-fiber floor pads, and a Resting Mat are all included.
    The Haan SI-35 Slim & Light model heats up faster then any other vapor steam cleaner, taking only 30 seconds heat the water to 212° F. The water tank is removable, making refilling much easier. The floor nozzle is also much slimmer then other mops, and can fit into tight areas such as underneath cabinets, and furniture. With 15 different steam jets, the Haan SI-35 evenly spreads the steam over the entire pad, resulting in more efficient, and less time cleaning.
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    Eureka Enviro-Steamer Floor Mop, Model 313A

    4th Choice

    200° F / 750 Watts
    25 ft.
    12 Steam Jets
    3-4 Minute Heat-up Time, 20 Minutes of cleaning time before needing a refill.
    2 Floor Cloths, Measuring Cup, Funnel all included. NO Attachment For Carpets and rugs.
    The Eureka Envirosteamer™ model 313A is good, basic vapor steam mop. There are no other controls then on/off switch, and water refill light, making the Eureka Envirosteamer™ the easiest steam mop to use that we've seen. Then handle is not as sturdy as we had hoped for, and overall the machine doesn't feel like it's made as well as other brands, but the Envirosteamer™ is far superior then any other steam mop in it's price range. No attachment for carpets available.
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    Reliable T1 Steamboy Floor Cleaner

    Last Place

    180° F / 750 Watts
    16 ft.
    1 Steam Jet
    5 Minutes Heat-up Time, 30 Minutes of cleaning time before needing a refill.
    Carpet Glide Attachment for rugs, and carpets, 2 washable cloth pads, and 1 water filter included.
    The Reliable T1 Steamboy is the 4th best upright steam mop according to our customers. The water temperature is not as hot as others, and we've heard several times that the pads are difficult to keep on the machine when cleaning. The machine however does have a water filter, protecting the boiler from exposure to hard water. At this price point however, a Haan steam mop might be a better option then the Reliable T1 Steamboy.
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    Canister Vapor Steam Cleaners that we recommend: how we rate vacuums?
    Canister Style Vapor Steam Mops
    Water Pressure (P.S.I.)
    Water Temperature / Heating Wattage
    Cord Length
    Number of Steam Jets
    Heat-up Time vs. Steam Time
    Attachments Included
    Additional Features & Overview
    Ladybug® XL2300 Canister Vapor Steam Cleaner

    298° F / 1700 Watts
    15 ft.
    8 Steam Jets
    6-7 Minute Initial Heat Time; Continuous Fill System. No waiting for machine to cool down, just refill water and steam is flowing instantly. .
    6 terry cloth towels, filler pad set, large round brush, 2 stainless steel pads, small brass nozzle brush, stainless steel nozzle brush, complete hose assembly, large rectangular brush, black steam nozzle, small nozzle brush (nylon), medium nozzle brush (nylon), crevice/scraper tool, complete window tool, squeegee holder and 2 blades (25 cm. and 35 cm.), triangle brush, 2 extension handles, funnel, boiler drain tool, and an instructional video all included.
    The Ladybug® XL2300 is the Mercedes Benz of vapor steamers. This machine is ideal for homes with severe, severe allergies or breathing issues. The Ladybug® XL 2300 conveniently stores all of the attachments on the machine, and has a pressure guage for maximum efficiency. The unit has a low water light with an audible signal as well. Recommended highly for homes that have health issues, or high sensitivities to chemicals or airborne allergens, or a large, active home with several kids and pets that need a commercial grade steam cleaner.
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    Vapamore MR-100 Canister Style Vapor Steamer Model MR-100


    250° F / 1500 Watts
    18 ft.
    10 Total; 4 Jets On Top, 6 Jets on Bottom.
    11 minutes heat time; Up to 50 minutes of cleaning time before needing a refill.
    Steam gun with hose, Accessory adapter, Detail accessory nozzle, Jet detail nozzle, Nylon detail brush, Metal detail brush, Floor cleaning head, Floor cotton mop cover, 2 in 1 clothes / fabric attachment, Clothes / fabric cover, 2 in 1 window / mirror attachment, 3 extension tubes, Fill funnel, Measuring cup, Accessory storage bag, Nylon grout brush, (excellent for grout cleaning.
    The Vapamore is an excellent quality residential steam cleaner, with commercial results. The Vapamore MR-100 conveniently has the popular attachments used on-board the steamer for ultimate convenience. At ° F hot, the Vapamore cleans, and sanitizes everything almost on contact! The extra long 50 minutes of cleaning time allows detail cleaning of even the largest tasks, and can be refilled continuously. The Vapamore MR100 also has a steam regulator dial control which allows you to adjust the amount of steam depending on what type of surface you are cleaning, and with over 17 attachments and fittings, you'll be able to clean and disinfect any surface in your home. .
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    Haan Multi-purpose Canister Style Vapor Steam Cleaner, Model MS-30


    212° F / 1300 Watts
    18.5 ft.
    12 Steam Jets
    3 minutes Heat-up Time, 30 Minutes of cleaning time before needing a refill.
    Floor Brush, 2 Ultra-Microfiber Pad, Microfiber Pad for windows, 2 extension wands, water funnel, measuring cup, large round brush, small round brush, brass stiff round brush, angle nozzle, flat surface attachment, window squeege, towel sleeve, Microcham™ Sponge, Microcham™ Towel, Steel Wool Pad, Carpet Tray For Carpets and Rugs, Mat Tray for warming up period, and an accessory bag to store attachments in.
    The Haan MS-30 is an excellent quality canister style vapor steamer. Heating up in only 3 minutes, the machine will steam for 30 minutes before needing a refill. Floor attachment is extremely slim, allowing to get under furniture or cabinets. The Haan MS30 also conveniently allows storage of the most popular attachments on board in a covered tool storage section. Simply attach the sanitizing carpet tray, and easily clean and sanitize carpets and rugs. The concentrator nozzle can be used for added pressure for cleaning heavy grease and grime. The Haan MS-30 Multi-purpose vapor steamer is an excellent product, and is the best canister style steamer under $200.
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    Reliable Enviromate™ T630 Canister Style Vapor Steam Cleaner


    221° F / 1780 Watts
    8 ft.
    5 Steam Jets
    5-7 Minute Heat-up Time, 20 Minutes of cleaning time before needing a refill.
    11 Piece Attachment Set
    The Reliable Enviromate T630 is a good quality machine, with a high wattage rating, and metal body, but that's about it. The machine has a tiny cord of only 8ft. leading to a nightmare when trying to clean a large area or home, resulting in having to change outlets VERY frequently. The wait time, and PSI ratings are below normal as well. The major concern that GoVacuum has on this product is the price. The Reliable T630 is in our opinion overpriced for the performance you get with this product. A Vapamore may be a better choice for customers looking for a residential steamer with commercial results.