Lindhaus Valzer New Age Upright Vacuum

Lindhaus Valzer New Age Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

The Lindhaus Valzer New Age Upright Vacuum is truly a product of the latest technology designed for the new age consumer. This Lindhaus upright vacuum was specifically designed to reduce allergens in the home. Health conscious consumers will marvel at the unique five-stage filtration system, standard from the factory in this Lindhaus vacuum. This filtration system has superior air exhaust quality and the system includes, in its final stage, a hospital-grade 3M® filtrete electrostatic micro filter. It is thanks to the engineering of this vacuum and the five-stage filtration system that dust, pollen, dust mites, as well as other contaminants responsible for allergies and asthma are effectively trapped within the vacuum.

With ease and efficiency, the Lindhaus Valzer New Age Upright vacuum, swiftly eliminates vacuuming from a users to-do list. With the versatility of the Valzer's patented hard floor tools, the vacuum's rubber wheels, and brush height adjustment almost any surface in the house becomes fair game for this New Age vacuum. Most hard surface floors, including ceramic, marble, linoleum and wood floors are now extremely easy to clean; eliminating the arduous task of sweeping . The Linhaus Valzer quickly and efficiently removes all dirt and dust on the first pass, making vacuuming a less time consuming chore for any user. A consumer can also feel confident using the Lindhaus Valzer to clean a mattress thus removing allergens such as dust, hair, and dust mites.

Lindhaus' patented top level port attachment system makes cleaning those high or low nooks and crannies simply easy to reach with less bending involved. Not only is this vacuum easy to operate and very quiet with a sound level of 68.4 db(A), the Lindhaus Valzer is equipped with a cogged drive belt and brush height adjustment to allow for the proper positioning of the power head in relation to the carpet, thus providing a superior cleaning experience. The tapered shape and low profile of the Valzer makes cleaning under and around furniture effortless.

This unit also comes with an optional back pack kit. With this kit the Valzer becomes a comfortable back pack unit to clean those above the floor and hard to reach areas with the included hose and attachments. With the optional blowing kit, a user of the Valzer can take advantage of the units hermetically sealed components to clear a sink, remove dust from radiators, etc. The Valzer's blowing kit creates a dual operation function, as the suction and blowing action may be used at the same time, making those big messes a little easier to clean up.

A More In-Depth Look At The Lindhaus Valzer New Age Upright Vacuum Filtration System and Upgrades:

All Lindhaus vacuums have a user selectable filtration system up to High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) standards. This uniquely designed system allows the user to select, not only the level, but the type of contaminants to be removed from the air processed by the system.

The standard filtration system of the Lindhaus Valzer New Age includes a 3M filtrete electrostatic micro-filter assuring the five-stage filtration process. This standard filter is the same type of filter that is used in hospitals to keep biological contaminates in check. All models of Lindhaus vacuums can also be fitted with an optional S-class HEPA filter for filtration of particles 0.3 microns or larger at an efficiency of 99.97% which allows the user to reach an optimum level of filtration during allergy seasons or when contaminants may be at their highest levels, such as after dusting.

Also available as an upgrade is the Micron Carbon filter, which allows users to control odors and gasses that are offensive or harmful in the atmosphere through the air cleansing power of activated charcoal. This filter has the ability to eliminate a variety of environmental contaminants that emanate from things like smoke, kitchen and pet odors. This heavy duty filtration is achieved with an optimal combination of activated carbon that sits between two layers of 3M Filtrete.

The Lindhaus Valzer New Age Upright Vacuum also includes the option of the multipurpose M-Series nozzle with built-in dry cleaning system. With the very same power nozzle that is used for vacuuming the carpet a user can quickly and easily convert to the DCS (Dry Cleaning System) by attaching the included red conveyor. The mechanical action of the rotating brush, in conjunction with the detergent action of the Lindhaus DCS product gives any user the proper solution to hygienically clean carpets and rugs easily without water, completely eliminating the risk of water damage.

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