SEBO 9501AM Upright X4 Vacuum

SEBO 9501AM Upright X4 Vacuum

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Product Description

SEBO 9501AM Upright X4 Vacuum is Onyx (black) in color with grey trim.

The SEBO 9501AM Upright X4 Vacuum operates with a super quiet upright vacuum design and generates a lot of suction (airflow) power with reducing common house hold allergy inducing dirt, pollen, dust, and airborne particles. The 9501AM cleans the floors in your home as well as improving air quality.

The SEBO 9501AM Upright X4 Vacuum features an innovative electronic sensor which controls the height of the roller brush, adjusting automatically to the varying heights and thickness of carpets. The 9501AM also will detect if the roller brush is jammed, blocked, or when the bag is full and needs to be changed and will cut off until the issue is fixed. This insures longevity and optimizes cleaning performance.

The SEBO 9501AM Upright X4 Vacuum is truly an excellent investment that will save you money in the long term. The 9501AM is offered at an excellent and has an 5 Year warranty on the 1300 watt motor, and a 5 year warranty on all non wearable parts. GoVacuum believes in the quality of Sebo products so much, we are offering an additional 5 year warranty on the motor for free. Consumers save even more because the 9501AM features a durable, long lasting belt that Sebo gives a lifetime warranty for and should never need replacing.

Was your current vacuum’s filtration system tested while it operates? It should be! SEBO tests all of their vacuums for possible leaks or openings where air can escape and for filter efficiency plus performance while the machine is operating. Practically all other vacuum companies give statistics and filter performance ratings of their machines while stagnant and turned off. The SEBO 9501AM Upright X4 Vacuum is a sealed system with hospital grade filtration for allergy and asthma relief. The S-class hospital grade filter provides better filtration then most other companies HEPA filters. Sebo does offer an HEPA filter upgrade if so desired. The Sebo upright vacuums provide such excellent filtration that the British Allergy Foundation recommends them.

Highlights of Features and Details:

German designed upright engineered for to meet the highest standards in quality, filtration, and performance.

The 9501AM is designed for provide superior filtration and perfect airflow allowing the vacuum to operate efficiently, conserving energy.

The SEBO 9501AM Upright X4 Vacuum has a slim design for easy storage and lightweight handling.

SEBO believes in the quality they produce and back the quality with a lifetime warranty on the belt, plus a 5 year warranty on the motor, non wearable parts, and labor. In addition, GoVacuum offers a 10 year warrant on the motor which runs concurrently with Sebo's warranty but adds an additional 5 years of worry free vacuuming.

The 9501AM confidently removes dirt, dust and hair, moving it effortlessly into the suction (airflow) chamber. Strong suction (airflow) carries debris to the three-layer filter bag to quickly eliminate dust and dirt that aggravates allergies and asthma. Stubborn pet hair is easily swept up and eliminated.

GoVacuum offers the SEBO 9501AM Upright X4 Vacuum with free shipping to the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

Technical Vacuum Specifications

  • 40 foot powercord
  • On Board attachments
  • 1300 watt power motor
  • Dual Fan Motor Air Flow of 103.8 CFM's
  • 16.7 lbs carrying weight
  • Black / onyx glossy factory finish
  • Integrated hose and wand
  • A cleaning path of 12 inches
  • UPC 0676224095018

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Part Number 9501am


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