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    Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bags (4pk)
    Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bags (4pk)
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    This is a ZVac Brand of a 4 pack of the Miele FJM style of canister vacuum bags.

    ZVac has produced these Miele FJM canister bags to capture 99% of particles, and prevent their ability to re-circulate back into the room being cleaned.

    The Miele FJM vacuum bags by ZVac are designed for the Miele S4000 Galaxy Series of canister vacuums, the newer S6000 models, and will also fit older models such as the s200i, s500i, and s300i vacuums.

    ZVac has pledged to have a tree planted within the endangered Rain Forest of Brazil for every 500 ZVac Miele FJM style packs of bags manufactured.

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