Lindhaus Activa 30 E.S.O. Evolution Silver Blue

Lindhaus Activa 30 E.S.O. Evolution Silver Blue

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Product Description

Lindhaus brings more innovative technology to consumers with the Activa 30 E.S.O. Evolution Silver Blue. With a powerful 102.8 CFM's of airflow and a high performance 850 watt motor, dirt doesn't stand a chance against this upright vacuum. As well with a solid 79" of water lift the E.S.O. Evolution is up to heavy-duty tasks even at a lightweight 14.9 lbs. This vacuum has an ample reach with a 35 foot power cord and with a sound level of 69 decibels neighbors will be barely able to hear a user cleaning.

With a design that is practical and convenient, the Activa carries it's tools on-board for quick access; with a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool to choose from. Rubber wheels on the front and back of the vacuum prevents those nasty nicks on floors from plastic or metal.

The Activa E.S.O. is standardly equipped with 6 stages of filters as well as a user selectable filtration system. This unique system allows users to select not only the level, but the type of contaminants to be removed from the home while cleaning. An electrostatic 3M Filtrete microfilter comes standard on this model and ensures more than 98% efficiency at measurement of 0.3 microns or bigger. This Activa model can also be fitted with optional S-Class HEPA Filtration, which ensures 99.97% efficiency at a measurement of 0.3 microns or bigger. If consumers are looking to trap offensive odors such as those from smoke or pets, users have the option to fit their Activa 30 E.S.O. Evolution Silver Blue with a Micron Carbon filter cartridge. This Micron Carbon filter cartridge is a combination of activated carbon that sits between two layers of 3M Filtrete.

Not just a vacuum cleaner, this silver blue Evolution is also a dry carpet cleaning system; completely removing the risk of water damage that can occur when wet cleaning a carpet. This dry cleaning system is assimilated into the upright vacuum. Simple to use, no tools are required to switch operations. Just switch from vacuuming to cleaning in seconds by simply changing the standard brush roller with the optional dry-clean brush, closing the top mounted suction channel and the Activa is now ready to dry clean carpeting.

The sleek low profile design of the Activa allows the machine to lie horizontally flat for easy access to clean under furniture. Attachments are stored on the back of the vacuum in specially engineered pockets, which means they won't be knocked off when cleaning around chairs or cabinets.

With a built in 4:1 stretch hose and telescopic wand users of the Evolution Silver Blue will have an extended reach. With ease of cleaning in mind, the low connecting point for the tools means that the vacuum will follow a user (not fall) when the hose is stretched to reach or when maneuvered around corners.

Effortless to maintain and clean, no tools are required to change the brush roll or clean the base housing on the Activa 30 E.S.O. Evolution Silver Blue vacuum. Also, the patented clutch system of this vacuum protects the two cogged drive belts and the motor from overload or brush blockage keeping the maintenance easy for users. The Activa 30 E.S.O. evolution also comes with a confident one year complete warranty and a three year warranty for the motor and belt.

Lindhaus vacuums Lindhaus vacuums have been designed to keep up to date with the ever-changing demands of the customer. The vacuums supplies customers with simple but very effective cleaning. Lindhaus vacuums have been elegantly designed with materials that will help the vacuum cleaner last for quite a very long time. Lindhaus Vacuum cleaners have been designed and built to match to the needs and requirements for consumers who suffer from allergy symptoms or environmental sensitivities. Today we discuss the Lindhaus Activa Vacuum Cleaner. Lindhaus Activa Vacuum Cleaner The new Lindhaus Activa which has been given the name activa 30 is made with a high performance motor. This new Lindhaus activa has been designed to cater for all household vacuum cleaning needs. Lindhaus activa 30 is being celebrated as the best upright vacuum 2014 cleaner that can be easily converted into a dry carpet cleaning machine in a few steps without having to use any tools. All the user is required to do is change the vacuum brush roll to the dry clean brush. The next step is to ensure that the top mounted suction channel has been closed and the vacuum is ready for your carpet cleaning. Lindhaus Activa Reviews Activa 30 is currently the best upright vacuum under $500. The Activa E.S.O evolution has been fitted with a host of accessories such as the crevice tool, upholstery brush and a telescopic wand. The Lindhaus activa red has the attachments strapped on the back making it easy for the user to access them when they want to make use of them. Lindhaus activa 30 round dust brush is availed as an option on the standard evolution for purchase. Lindhaus activa red hose stretches out to a ratio of 4 to 1. According to Lindhaus review, the activa 30 vacuum cleaner works as it is supposed to and it has proven to be very reliable. The great thing about these vacuums being, when they require repair, they can be easily repaired in most of the vacuum shops. A user wrote in to say that she had used the activa 30 on her Persian rug and it was gentle enough on the rug and it had enough suction to suck in her dog’s long hair. Lindhaus activa red model is light in weight and is easy to maneuver. Users continue to say that the vacuum cleaner is quiet enough while running and it doesn’t disturb any animals or humans around. In many reviews, users continue to say that the vacuum has been installed with an indicator light that lets the user know when it is time to change the bag. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner uses disposable bags that need to be replaced after they have filled up. Lindhaus Activa Vacuum Cleaner Specifications The Lindhaus activa vacuum cleaner has a new 7.5 amp motor that produces up to 102.8 CFM’s, this power turns the brush roller at 5000 rpms. The vacuum cleaner noise is quite low and it stands at 68 db. The activa 30 weight is at 14.8 lbs. When laid down flat to get under things, it has very low profile. The vacuum cleaner has a standard 3M Fultrete final filter that produces a 98.0%b dust filtration at 0.3 microns. The Lindhaus activa vacuum cleaner filtration system can be upgraded and it is availed together with a carbon/micro filter cartridge. The filter filters odors such as pets’ smells, smoke and kitchen smells. The S-class HEPA filter is used to remove particles that are 0.3 microns. The noise level produced is at a minimum 69 db. The active uses two gear belts with an electronic shut off.

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