Vacuums Rated by Consumer Magazine

    Vacuum cleaners can range in price from under $50 for a basic stick model to up to $1500 for a robotic vacuum. Wise consumers do a significant amount of research before purchasing a new vacuum cleaner... especially if they are spending more than $1000! While it can be a very expensive purchase, a quality vacuum cleaner that is properly maintained can last for more than twenty years. Spend time doing your research, determine the features that are most important to you and check out the reviews of the products you are most interested in.

    Vacuum cleaner manufacturers' websites are a good source for product specifications and general information. However, as a consumer you should keep in mind that the goal of the manufacturer is to sell their own products. While the information on the site may be accurate, it is important to search for reviews of the products from experts or other consumers to get all of the information... the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Get the Truth!
    Looking for unbiased information about the vacuum cleaner models you are considering purchasing? Ask your friends, family and neighbors for their opinions. You may even want to try out their vacuum cleaners to help you with your decision. Certainly they'll take you up on your offer to vacuum their house!

    Vacuum cleaner dealers are another great source of information. They are familiar with a wide variety of brands and can offer an honest opinion that is not affected by a desire to promote a certain brand or product. As an online dealer, is committed to matching our customers with the best vacuum cleaner to meet their needs.

    Following are the Vacuum Cleaners which have been "Rated as Best in their Category" by leading Consumer Magazine. These vacuums have been rated on the their performance over major areas like cleaning effectiveness, db noise levels, filteration, dust emissions and ease of use.