Backpack Vacuums

    Did you know that using backpack vacuums results in less body stress than with uprights? They are also known to be more efficient than uprights. Since these vacuums have been created with the comfort factor of those using them in mind, they are a clear choice for extended cleaning especially in commercial settings. You can bid goodbye to the motions of awkward drags and lugging a vacuum cleaner up and down. Proteam, Sanitaire, Hoover, Perfect are some of the brands that you can choose for commercial backpack vacuums as they offer flexibility, efficiency, state-of-the-art technology. You’ll be amazed with the deeper and higher reach of these mena machines which are lightweight. Some of them are even equipped with 4 stage advanced filtration system and deluxe attachments. You can tackle allergens effectively with HEPA filtration technology equipped in your backpack, and clean the edges and corners without much effort as you tote your powerful backpack vacuum. 

    Cleaning your home or office with a backpack vacuum cleaner is hardly a chore. And it’s comfortable as the heavy duty shoulder pads take care of your shoulder as you carry it on your back. Also, it’s not just commercial spaces that can take advantage of the cleaning convenience of these backpack vacuums. Busy moms with overactive children can save a lot of time with these vacuums. If you are convinced about the usage and benefits of these vacuums, don’t waste any more time. Buy a backpack vacuum at GoVacuum and enjoy great savings. Spend less, shop more, you can even choose from a range of replacement parts for your existing backpack. 

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    1. Aggressor Backpack Vacuum Cleaner With Tool Kit Sandia HEPA Hipster 1340W 1 Stage 30 3001

      Aggressor Backpack Vacuum Cleaner With Tool Kit Sandia HEPA Hipster 1340W 1 Stage 30 3001

      Hipster 1340W 1 Stage 30 3001. Quiet at only 69 db A sound level. Powerful 1.5 HP, 1 Stage, 11.5 AMP, 1340W. 99.97% at .03 Micron filtration. Ergonomic Back Rests, Rugged Polyethylene Case. Airflow 150 CFM, Static Lift 100", Super Deluxe Comfortable Cumberbun Belt with Shoulder Straps. Net Weight 9.5 lbs.##6 Quart Capacity, Includes Complete Tool Kit: Two Piece Aluminum Wand, 14" Scallop Floor Tool, 4" Upholstery Tool, 3" Dust Brush, 11" Crevice Tool, 50 Foot Safety Orange Power Cord Learn More

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