Lindhaus Aria Elite Silver Canister Vacuum Cleaner
    Lindhaus Aria Elite Silver Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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    Brand: Lindhaus

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    Lindhaus Aria Elite Reviews

    Lindhaus Aria Elite vacuum cleaner is a product from the Lindhaus Italian Company. Lindhaus Aria is touted to be the best canister vacuum 2014 has a manual control which makes it simple for the user to be in the know of the current mode the cleaner is at by just figuring out the color code that is easily read.

    Lindhaus HEPA vacuum cleaner has three manual modes that can be controlled and they are; Soft start, power and motor temperature control. The Lindhaus Aria Vacuum Cleaner comes complete with a full bag indicator that warns the user when to change the bag. The Lindhaus Aria Elite vacuum cleaner prices range from $800 to $100 depending on where the user chooses to purchase the vacuum cleaner.

    Lindhaus Aria Elite Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features

    Blower Port: Lindhaus Aria Elite Vacuum Cleaner machines have been designed to do multiple functions. Lindhaus HEPA vacuum elite version has a strong blowing power and has inflation capability. The vacuum cleaner will prove to the user that at times it’s better to blow off dust from hard to reach surfaces rather than sweating it out trying to suck up the dust with the vacuum hose. This is a point that was put into consideration by the manufacturer and the Lindhaus Aria Canister Vacuum Cleaner has two functions that can be used at the same time, users can how huff on dusts while sucking up other particles, however, these two functions only work simultaneously if the user has purchased an additional hose.

    Retractable Cord: Lindhaus Aria Elite vacuum cleaner has been designed and fit with a rectangular cord on the canister. Such is the clever and noble feature that comes in handy during heavy vacuuming sessions where the user will find difficulty in picking up the vacuum and trying to rewind it manually. Furthermore, the power cord is 33 feet long.

    Maneuverability: Lindhaus Elite has been fit with three rubber swivel wheels that give the user great maneuverability. The vacuum hose has been fit on the front side of the canister. The body of the canister on the other hand has been covered entirely with a bumper; this feature was purposely fit onto the vacuum cleaner to shield it from getting damaged should the user accidentally bump onto a wall of furniture while cleaning. The canister has been ergonomically designed both upper and lower handles making it very easy for the user to pick up the vacuum cleaner should there be need for it to be transported. The Lindhaus Aria Elite Vacuum Cleaner has a swivel hose that makes it very possible for users to clean a wider surface/section without having to keep moving the canister base. And furthermore, the canister onsists of a tapered profile that makes it easy for the vacuum cleaner to fit on a stair riser. The Lindhaus Aria Elite vacuum cleaner has a complete power head and dry cleaning system. The vacuum cleaner has a stainless steel wand that is telescopic and is used during the above ground cleaning process.

    The Lindhaus Elite vacuum cleaner has been incorporated with the standard, crevice tool, dusting brush, stair tool. Users can also go for the felt floor nozzle that is used for both vacuuming and polishing wooden floors and marble floors.

    Lindhaus Aria Elite Canister Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

    • On-Board Tools Standard
    • Cord Length (feet) 35
    • Hard floor switch standard
    • Sound level db(A) 68.4
    • Brush motor watt power 150
    • Brush motor amp 1.4
    • Electronic overload control standard
    • Brush height adjustment standard
    • Brush width 10.5"
    • Base width 12.0"
    •Weight (lbs) w/o cord 14.75

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