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    Lindhaus Aria Canister vacuum is a product manufactured by the Italian plant Lindhaus. This version of vacuum cleaners is availed in three models, the Platinum, the Red and the Elite. The main different aspect about these three vacuum cleaners is the control panel. Lindhaus Aria Canister Vacuum cleaner Red and Elite are designed with manual controls. The design makes it simple for the user to know what modes the vacuum cleaner is by looking that the color coded lights that are quite easy to read.

    The modes that are used in these two Lindhaus Aria HEPA models are soft start, power and motor temperature control. However, on the Lindhaus Aria Canister Vacuum Cleaner Platinum model, the power gets automatically regulated by the electronic control panel. Users are able to increase or decrease the power with just a touch of the button. The beauty being, all the vacuum cleaners in this series come fully equipped with a full bag indicator. 

    Lindhaus Aria Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

    Below are the features found in a Lindhaus Aria Red Vacuum Cleaner;

    Blower Port: All Lindhaus vacuum cleaning machines that have been recently made, can handle more than one function. The Lindhaus Aria Hepa Series is an amazing vacuum cleaner and it is also produces great blowing power and it has inflation capability. As the vacuum cleaners will prove to you, it is at times best and easy to blow away dust from hard to reach areas as opposed to trying to suck it off with the vacuum hose. Lindhaus Aria Canister Vacuum Cleaner makes it possible for the user to utilize both functions at the same time should need arise. This is however only reached upon by purchasing an additional hose. 

    Retractable Cord: Yes, the Lindhaus Aria HEPA vacuum cleaners have been fit with a retractable cord on the canister. This as the user will experience, is a clever feature especially during heavy vacuum cleaning as it is really not possible to pick up the vacuum and rewind it manually. The power cord is 33 feet long.

    Lindhaus Aria Canister Vacuum Cleaner The three models of the Lindhaus Aria Canister Vacuum Cleaner share certain features, for instance, the Elite and Platinum models each feature complete power head and dry cleaning system. This is only available as an option to the Lindhaus aria Red vacuum cleaner. The hose features of the three models are connect quickly making it easy for the attachment of the power nozzle, wand and a variety of other tools. A stainless steel wand (Telescopic) has been fit in to help with upholstery above ground. In all the three models, the vacuum has the standard crevice tool, upholstery/stair tool, and it dusting brush. Users can however opt for the felt floor nozzle that has been designed to vacuum and polish wood or marble floors. The three Lindhaus Aria vacuum cleaner models feature removable felt pad where beneath it there is row of bristles which make the nozzle a perfect choice for cleaning rough surfaces and floors. The Lindhaus Aria Canister Vacuum Cleaner is also fit with a universal brush that has four rubber wheels and has a swivel.

    The nozzle has been made as a low profile and it is quite safe to be used on rugs, carpets and hard floors.

    Lindhaus Aria Canister Vacuum Specifications

    • On-Board Tools Standard
    • Cord Length (feet) 35
    • Hard floor switch standard
    • Sound level db(A) 68.4
    • Brush motor watt power 150
    • Brush motor amp 1.4
    • Electronic overload control standard
    • Brush height adjustment standard
    • Brush width10.5"
    • Base width 12.0"
    • Weight (lbs) w/o cord 14.75

    Specifications for: Aria Standard RED

    • Vacuum Motor: 1400 Watts
    • Waterlift: 110 inches
    • Airflow (CFM): 130 CFM
    • Electronic Power Control: Standard
    • Electronic Motor Temperature Control: Standard
    • Full Bad Indicator: Standard
    • Bag Capacity: 3 liter
    • Blower Function: Standard
    • On-Board Tools: Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Nozzle
    • Noise Level: 62.3 dBa
    • Cord Length: 33 feet


    This listing is for a very rare, premium quality Itallian made canister vacuum cleaner by the brand Lindhaus. We receive very few of this brand's machines back for returns, in fact this will be only our second ever! This Itallian made, quiet, powerful Lindhaus Aria Red canister vacuum cleaner is in pristine condition, with no major visible scratches or blemishes. According to the notes on the account the vacuum cleaner was returned only because the customer upgraded to the Premium Aria model, which is better suited for cleaning large areas of carpeting. 

    The Lindhaus Aria Red is the standard, straight suction canister model, and normally only includes a straight suction tool, which can be used on both carpeting and bare floors, but lacks an electric hose, wand, or power nozzle. This model is ideal for homes that have a majority of bare surface flooring with a small area of rugs or wall to wall carpeting. To make this deal a little sweeter, we've added a deluxe floor turbo brush, which gives the machine a rotating brush action attachment to better suit it for cleaning rugs, carpets, and pet hair! 

    With a variable speed motor, the Lindhaus Aria can effectively clean any surface, from delicate draperies, to bare floors, there's suction setting for everything in between. We've completely refurbished this vacuum inside and out, top to bottom, and replaced many new parts, including the vacuum bag, secondary motor filter, and the exhaust micro filter (upgradable to HEPA filtration), as well as including an additional box of 5 HEPA canister vacuum bags. The machine is like new condition, and after we refurbished it, it works just as well as a new model would! All the original attachments, owners manuals, and packaging are included. 

    Here are some further details on the Lindhaus Aria Red Canister Vacuum 

    Aria “Red” and “Elite” are equipped with a manual electronic control. The functions include: soft start, power and motor temperature control. A series of easy to read color coded lights indicate the selected power level. 

    Aria vacuum cleaner is the result of years of careful planning on both the creative and functional level. We have created a machine that offers a sleek design that provides the highest quality performance and filtration along with exceptional versatility and whisper quiet sound levels. The highly efficient vacuum motor, engineered and built by sister company Rotafil, well exceeds the once thought impossible 1,000 hour mark. An amazing number when you consider the average vacuum cleaner is used less than 50 hours per year. 

    The sophisticated electronic control gradually turns on the machine providing the ability to regulate the vacuum power while monitoring the motor temperature. The full size deluxe on-board tools include an upholstery tool with removable bristles, full length crevice tool and round swivel dusting brush with natural bristles. The 3 liter Micropor Hepa style bag in addition to other stages offiltration brings the Aria to a total of 5 levels of filtration which assures excellent protection against dust mites, pollens etc. For people with serious allergies, Aria can be equipped with the Lindhaus SClass Hepa filter (optional) which assures 99.97% of filtration efficiency at 0.3 micron. 

    The Aria returns this purified air into the room through an exclusive draft free clean air ventilation system built into the 360 degree bumper. This design eliminates harmful unfiltered vacuum cleaner exhaust. Aria Platinum includes the carbon active/micro filter mounted before the motor, (available as an option on other models)


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