Carpet Extractors

    We all know that carpet cleaning can be a challenging task. Finding a carpet cleaning solution can be an uphill task as well. A carpet extractor provides effective cleaning power to remove deep-rooted dirt and stains from your carpet. The wash, rinse and dry technology in these extractors provides superior cleaning capabilities and ensure that your carpets are cleaned fast and ready to use fast as well. Big cleaning power comes in compact packages with lightweight yet heavy duty carpet extractors. You can choose between dry extraction, hot water extraction or dry foam extraction cleaning of your carpet. When you are looking to purchase a carpet extractor for your home or office, look for one that will increase productivity, assures performance and ease of use. Operational safety is crucial factor as well, so ensure that the carpet extractor you choose is equipped with the necessary safety features.

    With a regular vacuum cleaner, all you need to do is drag it out of the closet and get to work. However, they might not be able to assure carpet cleaning solutions. Try carpet extractors, although they require some prep, they are the best bet for heavy duty carpets in heavy traffic areas. For help determining the best carpet extractor for your cleaning needs, login to These powerfully efficient cleaning machines will maintain the effectiveness of your cleaning business and assure that your carpets and floors are cleaned in the best manner. Order with GoVacuum today and receive free shipping on your next carpet extractor from

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    1. NSS Pony Carpet Extractor

      NSS Pony Carpet Extractor

      20 gallons capacity make this machine a great asset to any job. The NSS Pony is awesome in wide open carpeted areas, and easy to maneuver. Comes equipped with a powerful 3 stage vacuum motor, spray bottle holders, and a built in spray wand for pre-cleanin Learn More
    2. NSS Stallion Carpet Extractor

      NSS Stallion Carpet Extractor

      At a great price this 8 gallon self-contained carpet extractor is great for those smaller jobs that you need an extraction machine to fit in. Weel equipped with a 16" cleaning path, 50" deatachable cord, 100 PSI solution pump, and a 3 stage vacuum motor t Learn More
    3. Ultra Care Vac Filters Dirt Devil F2 Hepa Media, 1 Filter

      Ultra Care Vac Filters Dirt Devil F2 Hepa Media, 1 Filter

      Ultra Care Vac Filters Dirt Devil F2 Hepa Media, 1 Filter Learn More

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