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    Carpet stains seem to be stubborn and impossible to clean. Pets, children, food spills – these are the most common causes of unsightly carpet stains. You can rely on carpet shampooers for all your domestic cleaning needs. GoVacuum has a range of carpet shampooers for residential use. For instance, the P Series Shampoo/Polishers of the Koblenz Carpet Shampooers are premium machines with twin brushes, featuring two speed 4.2 Amp to render powerful cleaning. Choose from a variety of carpet cleaning solutions and powders, they are sure to leave your carpet clean and refreshed. From removing stains to neutralizing odors, these carpet shampooers come with standard accessories and are available at affordable prices. You can rely on carpet shampooers from leading brands for deep cleaning of carpets which loosens and removes dirt and grit that could damage your carpet fibers. Protect your flooring and keep it looking its best for years ahead.

    Vacuuming alone is not always enough for your carpets. To reach the ground-in dirt and stubborn stains, you need deep cleaning carpet shampooers. With these advanced cleaning systems, you can pre-treat badly stained areas with a pre-treat formula before cleaning your carpet. Are you looking for carpet shampooers online? At, you’ll get great value for money on a large range of quality vacuums and you will also enjoy the convenience of having your appliance delivered right to your doorstep, absolutely free of cost. We have got all your floor care and carpet care requirements covered. Need help with your decision? Watch our video reviews or read the GoVacuum blog.

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    1. Kirby Allergen Control Shampoo & 9 pack Kirby G Bags + 1 Belt

      Kirby Allergen Control Shampoo & 9 pack Kirby G Bags + 1 Belt

      Did you know that vacuuming especially in areas that accumulate dust like your carpet can help combat allergens in your home? Here is a pack of Kirby Allergen Control Shampoo. The 32 oz. bottle contains shampoo made by Kirby, it can clean and brighten carpets to preserve its life and beauty, improve your indoor air quality considerably, and avoid premature disposal of an otherwise great carpet. It also busts the dust and allergens that trigger allergic reactions among family members. Learn More

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