Non Electric Carpet Sweepers

    Want to keep your carpet looking fresh and good as new? An unclean carpet can cause mold, bugs and other allergens to thrive in it and this can lead to a number of health issues. While vacuuming your carpet is a great idea to keep it clean, a non electric carpet sweeper is the lightweight, easy to use and extremely quiet solution for your carpet cleaning needs. They help reduce energy consumption as they are non electric, thus making your carpet cleaning cost efficient. How do they work? They use the sweeping action created by rolling brushes in them to pick up dirt and debris on your carpet. Leading brands such as Bissell, Hoky, Oreck and more have introduced Non Electric Carpet Sweepers to make every day or emergency carpet cleaning simpler than ever. Most of these Non Electric Carpet Sweepers are robust appliances that provide you a long-term cleaning solution. Fuss-free quick cleaning, is that what you are seeking? Choose Non Electric Carpet Sweepers at today.

    Carpet sweepers, especially the non electric ones have been serving homes and retail spaces as a time and energy efficient alternative to conventional cleaning systems, especially vacuum cleaning systems for a long time. While they don’t clean all the messes that a motorized vacuum cleaner is able to, they are able to do wonders on cleaning dirt and debris on carpets. So, if you think twice before bringing out your vacuum cleaner to clear the pet hair or food crumbs from your carpet, here is the ideal applicance for you. At GoVacuum, we stock Non Electric Carpet Sweepers, which are packed with numerous years of research and development from leading brands. Choose one that suits your needs and budget and enjoy the convenience of this handy cleaning device. Save time, space, and money on energy costs! 

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    1. Ewbank 525 Handy Floor and Carpet Sweeper

      Ewbank 525 Handy Floor and Carpet Sweeper

      Ewbank has a heritage to be proud of, it's a household favorite and a much-loved brand that has been providing innovative cleaning solutions for over 130 years. Innovative design, reliability and customer satisfaction are always top priority and have been our continued strength against our competitors. We were once best known for our carpet sweepers, now due to our ever expanding modern and diverse cleaning range, Ewbank is a staple for most homes. Our multi purpose products, including floor polishers, vacs and steam cleaning solutions are all offered at affordable prices, meaning that Ewbank is always the practical solution to everyday cleaning. With its 8 inch wide sweeping path and lightweight, high impact body, the Ewbank Handy manual sweeper glides effortlessly across your floor. The Handy sweeper lies flat for convenient cleaning under furniture. The long-life bristles and large capacity dustpan make for smooth and efficient cleaning while the long coated steel handle allows for cleaning in awkward corners. Learn More

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