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    Cirrus CB50 Central Vacuum
    Cirrus CB50 Central Vacuum
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    The Cirrus C-CB50 Central Vacuum features a powerful,5.7" 2-stage flow thru flow motor. It comes standard as an inverted bag unit, but has a special stem that allows it to use an optional sealed paper bag. The inverted bag provides a permanent filter. The optional disposable bag is a two-layer paper bag for superior filtration. These paper bags are also inexpensive and easy to throw away, making vacuum maintenance fast and simple. The C-CB50 is constructed from rolled galvannealed steel and powder coated for a tough, corrision- resistant lifetime of use.
    As with all our Cirrus Vacuums, using the CB50 can help decrease asthma and allergy symptoms by removing dust and allergens from your living areas.


    • Motor: Amatek 5.7" 2-Stage Flow Thru
    • Voltage: 120 A.C.
    • Max Amps: 11.3
    • Max Air Watts: 561
    • Sealed Vacuum: 142" Of Water lift
    • Filtration: Inverted Cloth Bag or Disposable Paper
    • Sound Level: 62 db
    • Cleaning Ability: UHomes Up To 4,000 Sq. Ft.
    • Dirt Capacity: 25 Qt.
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