Flood Pumps

    Is your home/office situated in a water logged area? There are powerful flood pumps that can be used to pump out water from flooded rooms, ditches and cellars. These pumps are designed keeping in mind the hazardous conditions found in flooded sites such as electrical hazards, deleterious bacteria, mildew and mold. Using flood pumps is simple even for a non-technical person. In areas vulnerable to flooding the pump can be left set up and the automatic float button will switch the pump on as the water reaches a specific level.

    GoVacuum.com stocks high quality and a wide range of flood pumps designed for all purposes. The Gulper is the numero uno machine explicitly designed for water recovery. Among the features of this powerful motor is the 90 inches of water lift which along with the discharge pump gives the capability of clearing 5 gallons of water per minute. Extensive research and development has gone into creating this state-of-the-art and revolutionary flood vacuum pump. The Gulper vacuum flood pump is available in two sleek and eye catching versions, namely Powr-Flite PF85 Gulper II Commercial Flood Pump and Powr-Flite PF85DX Gulper II DX Commercial Flood Pump. Now even the toughest recovery jobs can be achieved with minimum effort and difficulty. You can visit our website to get detailed information on these flagship products. GoVacuum.com prides itself being a supplier of high quality equipment combined with exemplary customer support.


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