Floor Burnishers

    Floor burnishers are similar to floor buffers. They are floor polishers which not only clean the floor but also give sheen to the floor. A floor burnisher has a rotating plate covered with a pad. This rotating plat rotates at 1000 rotations per minute to 3,000 rotations per minute depending on the speed type of the machine.

    Floor Burnishing Techniques for Novel Users

    •Clean the floor with a good floor cleaner and allow it to dry before using a burnisher. This will increase the performance of the burnisher and give you the desired result.

    •Depending on the type of your floor, choose the appropriate burnishing pad. The different floor types have different type of burnishing pads. For instance softer pad are used for unsealed or worn floors to make it shine without scratching the floor surface.

    •Although you can use the floor burnisher without using cleaning or polishing products, to get a perfect shine it is recommended to use a light floor wax. If you're not using floor wax then run the burnisher slowly across the floor surface to get good shine.

    At GoVacuum.com, you can browse through a variety of commercial as well as residential floor burnishers. We deal only with the best and the top brands that are currently available in the market. Here you can compare the prices of the various types and brand of burnishers. You can be assured that you will get your product(s) and its accessories at a bargain price. Some of brands that we deal with are Koblenz, NSS and Powr-Flite. We have powerful propane burnishers with Kawasaki (17 HP Models) engines, which have been the choice of professionals for years.

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    1. Pullman-Holt Gloss Boss Electric Burnisher

      Pullman-Holt Gloss Boss Electric Burnisher

      Equipped with handle mounted AMP meter to indicate when pad pressure adjustment is necessary. The Gloss Boss Electric burnisher is equipped with a DC rectified motor producing a fast and effective gloss, without overloading building electrical circuits Learn More

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