Floor Dryers

    Floor dryers or air dryers are used to remove the dampness after cleaning your carpets, hard floor or wooden floor. These are also called as air blowers. These equipments ensure that your floors, carpeted or otherwise, are thoroughly dry, after washing or polishing, and can be used as quickly and safely as possible. Floor dryers help with flood recovery by providing efficient drying power. Here are a few tips to use your flood dryer/air blower.

    Tips to use floor dryers/air blowers

    •The area where you want to use your floor dryer should be properly ventilated.

    •The floor dryer should be placed at a 45 degree angle to the floor. So the air is blown over the floor and not on it.

    •While choosing a floor dryer choose one with variable speed settings. For instance, if you have just finished the mopping, then it is best to run the dryer at a higher speed to get quick and best results.

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