Floor Sanders

    Does your office or home have wooden floors? Over the period of time, these floors get worn down and need to be refinished. You can accomplish the task of refinishing easily using a floor sander. Think of investing in a branded and top quality floor sander instead of rushing of to your neighbor’s place to borrow each time you want to refinish your wooden floors.

    How to Use your Floor Sander • A floor sander is simple to use even for a new user. Read the instructions carefully before using the appliance. • Broom the floor before running your sander. Load the sander with coarse-grit sandpaper before switching it on. • Start from one corner of the room. Sanding in a diagonal pattern from corner to corner will remove the unevenness and scratches from the floor. • Instead of pressing the sander down into the floor, allow it to glide gently towards the wall and then pull it back towards you • Once you are done with the coarse-grit sandpaper, vacuum the floor thoroughly before sanding it again with fine-grit sandpapers.

    At GoVacuum.com we sell only the top quality floor sanders. We also take into consideration the reviews and recommendations of our loyal users before we promote a particular brand. Powr-Flite has been recommended to us by contractors because of its aggressive power, solid construction, repair record and performance. However, you can choose from a wide range of floor sanders depending on your needs.


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