Floor Scrubbers

    Wouldn't you love to have a sparkling tiled or stone floor where you can see your own reflection? Fortunately there are appliances such as floor scrubbers that are helpful in cleaning the floor easily and also aids in drying it. Using an electrical scrubber is easier than cleaning with a mop and bucket.

    Tips to use a floor scrubber

    •Clean the floor thoroughly either with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. The reason is if the floor is dirty, the scrubber will press the dirt between tiles or spread it all over the floor.

    •Now fill your intake tank with warm water. Add few drops of concentrated cleaner. Ensure that water is not filled to the brim. This is to avoid the formation of suds.

    •Depending on the model of the floor scrubber you have to position your machine. If your machine is a forward moving model then stand behind the machine and gently push the appliance around the room and vice versa.

    •Turn on the various switches to control the scrubber and begin working in slow and steady rows. Also keep an eye on the outflow tank. This will give you an idea when to replace the water.

    •You may have to replace the water in the intake tank several times depending on the size of your room.

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