Floor Sweepers

    When it comes to cleaning our house/office we are always on a look out for easier and faster ways to accomplish the necessary yet tedious tasks. Cleaning tasks can be made easier by using a electric or cordless floor sweeper because it eliminates the messy needs of using a dustpan and broom. These sweepers are available in a wide range of models. You can have to choose one that best suit your floor type.

    How to empty a cordless floor sweeper

    •Before emptying, turn of the sweeper by pressing the power button on the nozzle.

    •Gently remove the dust cup out of the machine. Ensure that you do not spill any of the contents as dust cup is open.

    •Once the dust cup is emptied, wash it well with soft detergent and water. Dry using a lint-free towel. If there is dampness, the dirt and debris will clump together and also stick to the cup.

    •Remember to replace the dust cup before you next use the floor sweeper.

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    1. NSS Manta

      NSS Manta

      Great for large areas this machine provides a 37.4- inch path and a 66,731sq ft. per hour work ratio. Excellent sweeping system and works well on both hard floor surfaces as well as carpet. Learn More

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