Ozone Generators

    Do you want to get rid of the mold or odor of cigarette smoke from your home/office? Ozone is a natural deodorizer. There are machines that convert the oxygen into ozone using electricity. These machines are known as ozone generators. Here are a few tips to use an ozone generator.

    Tips to use an ozone generator

    •Choose an ozone generator depending on the size of the room/space that you want to deodorize. Consult someone who has used this machine or go through the manufacturer specification sheet before buying the machine.

    •Remove all objects from the space that has to be deodorized. If you are cleaning your house, remove all plants, pets and evacuate the people before starting the operation.

    •If you are deodorizing the room off cigarette smoke, remove all the ash trays prior to starting the ozone generator.

    •If the foul smell is real bad, set the unit to the highest setting and get out of the room. Initially allow the generator to run for at least 30 minutes. You can increase the duration depending on the severity of the odor.

    •Repeat the process several times if the foul smell still remains.

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