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    A commercial vacuum cleaner does much more than clean carpets or floors. They are available in a wide variety of sizes to handle cleaning requirements of a commercial complex. At, we help business owners understand the capabilities and the various types of vacuum cleaners so they can make an informed choice. We also provide video reviews and a regularly updated blog so they can find specific examples of commercial vacuums that have worked well.

    Before purchasing a commercial vacuum cleaning system, it is important to consider what the vacuum cleaner will be used for, who will be using the vacuum cleaner and also the various types of cleaners you will need based on the size of the commercial complex and your cleaning needs. Based on that, you will need to shortlist commercial vacuums which provide good filtration, power ratings, appropriate dust storage options and after market service so you can ensure enough technical support after you have bought the commercial vacuum. At GoVacuum, you can choose from floor buffers and polishers, floor burnishers and more. And all of these are available in variations in color, size and price. We have a range of canister vacuums, carpet extractors, floor dryers, floor burnishers, wet dry vacuums and many more varieties of vacuums.

    Some of the recommended vacuums for commercial use are Sanitaire, Kirby, Oreck and Proteam. These are well-known, durable, powerful and offer deep cleaning with ease. While creating a vacuum specification wish list is not always easy, it is necessary to ensure that you buy a cleaning system that works well for the commercial environment. Consider the weight, capacity, power and the filtration capabilities of the commercial vacuum you choose, and get the commercial vacuum cleaner that is right for you. At GoVacuum, we offer a range of cost effective cleaning systems including commercial vacuums, replacement parts and accessories so you can maintain the cleanliness of your commercial space with ease. 

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    1. Thermax Surface Sweeper

      Thermax Surface Sweeper

      This little unit is great for quick pick-ups on hard floors, carpets and area rugs. Learn More
    2. Thermax CP-3 Therminator Commercial Cleaning Machine

      Thermax CP-3 Therminator Commercial Cleaning Machine

      PLEASE NOTE: Wand & Floor Tool, as well as the hose are sold separately, and are NOT included in the price of the machine above.The Thermax "Therminator" Cleaning System offers features no other cleaning system can. Thermostatically controlled heating Learn More
    3. Thermax CP12-DV Commercial Cleaning Machine

      Thermax CP12-DV Commercial Cleaning Machine

      Please Note: Wand and Hose are sold separately, and are NOT included in this price of the machine above.The Therminator CP12-DV is Thermax Learn More
    4. Thermax CP5 Commercial Cleaning Machine

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